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The website of Author/Writer and Psychic Medium Astrid Brown. Making the most of 'YOU' i.e. how to achieve well-being and beauty from within ourselves. A truly holistic blog providing information on all aspects of psychic mediumship, spiritualism, philosophy, holistic therapies, nutrition, health, stress, mental health and beauty with a little bit of Wicca for good measure. Feeling and looking good is as much a part of how we feel inside as the outside.

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I am a great believer in Karma, but just what is it? Karma comes from the Sanskrit and ancient Indian Language with the underlying principal that every deed in our lives will affect our future life. For example, if we treat others badly during our lifetime we will have negative experiences later on in that lifetime or in future lifetimes. Likewise, if we treat others well we will be rewarded by positive experiences.

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I am often asked about Ouija boards, my advice is and I cannot stress this strongly enough DO NOT go anywhere near them.

Good and evil, light and dark co-exists in the Universe as everything is balanced and if you have read previous articles on this site I have explained this many times but for those who have not, the Universe operates a series of laws and one of the main ones to consider is 'THE LAW OF ATTRACTION' in other words like attracts like, therefore positivity will attract positivity and negativity will attract negativity. The is why positive thought is very important but it also goes with how you live your life, if you walk in the light and strive to be a good kind person, you will attract all that is good towards you, however if you are an evil person you will attract this back to you. This does not mean however there is no hope for you if you have done wrong in the past, far from it, if you genuinely are sorry and aim to make amends you will attract the good to you. You may have heard the old saying, "What goes around comes around", will this is precisely the law of attraction in operation.

When you are beginning to develop psychically or are indeed curious, you begin to open up and use your third eye chakra, when you do so certain malevolent spirits and entities are very aware you are doing this, you give off a signal. Lower energies and spirits who haven't moved on either because they have committed wrong doing or chose to stay on the lower spiritual realms to cause trouble will be attracted to you. If you are pure in thought and a very positive person, you are less likely to attract these, but if shall we say, you're not a very nice person you are much more likely to attract those. Lower entities, come in all shapes and sizes often in the shape of flying creatures and can be very frightening. Now these entities cannot harm you in anyway, they cannot control you, but your negativity and fear feeds them and they will play on this. All you need do is basically tell them with conviction, to 'F*** off' and they will go, but you must override your fear and do it with a strong mind. For everything in the spirit world is controlled and operates on thought.

When you dabble in Ouija boards you will attract these lower entities and malevolent spirits for they think oh I can have a bit of fun here and cause fear and anguish, something they like doing. The other thing they do is to masquerade as the spirit of a loved one to give false messages. One thing spirit of your loved ones DON'T DO is to tell you to do something, as they know we have to live our lives through free will. So if you get a message from someone you know, a deceased love one in spirit telling you to do something, you can guarantee, they are not who they say they care and they are from the dark side.

If you are really interested in communicating with loved ones in spirit go and see and experienced Medium and DO NOT dabble in Ouija boards for all you will do is conjure up the dark and malevolent side


Being a Medium is a bit like being a radio, a radio receiver picks up sound/radio waves and the radio makes sense of them. You cannot see sound waves nor can you see or hear radio waves, nor can you see the waves/vibrations that are translated into pictures on your television, but you know and accept that it works. Being a Medium is no different and in actual fact the word "Medium" means a vessel i.e. "a receiver".

Mediums and Psychics work on two different levels. The psychic vibrations are closer to the Earth Plane and it may surprise you to know that each and everyone of you have the ability to develop this sense.

In days gone by as we evolved as a species, this 6th sense (the psychic for that's all it is) was part of our survival mechanism. Designed to keep us safe and out of danger i.e. that "gut feeling" that something was wrong or that we smelt danger. However as we became more civilized we began to depend less on our instinct and our psychic sense. Animals however still have this ability and if you watch your cat or dog you will see them tap into this sense.

This ability can be tapped and developed with training and it was one of my jobs as a tutor at a well-known college of parapsychology to host a development class.

Mediumship though cannot be developed this is a gift bestowed on the Medium and many a Medium will tell you, "Is it a gift or is it a curse?" It can be both. Mediums work on a higher vibration that that of Psychics and equally they can also work on a psychic level. Mediums have the ability to pick up and interpretate the high vibrations from Spirit, just like a radio.

One of my jobs is that of a working Medium, I give psychic counseling. I am a trained counselor but I tap into my psychic ability to pick up what is happening around the person I am reading for to give me an insight to the root of the problem of why someone has asked for a reading. I further open up to pick up the vibrations of either my spirit guides or from someone who has passed over that knew the person I am reading for. My job as a Medium is to provide 'Survival evidence' i.e. to give the person I am reading for personal information that ONLY they could know. I also begin by identifying the person in Spirit, by providing their name, how they passed over, what they looking like, their age, when they passed, where they lived, their mannerisms and details surrounding the person I am reading for e.g. where they have been recently, what they have been doing, some detail that only they would know. And more often than not I do this over the phone or even online either chat or email so I cannot read their body language. The objective is to provide proof that life goes on after physical death.

Now it may surprise you to know, that NO ONE CAN FORETELL THE FUTURE, anybody who says they can is a charlatan and I will tell you why because we have been given "FREEWILL" in other words our fate is in our own hands.

Before we chose and yes CHOSE! to be incarnated on Earth, we all made our own blueprint of what experiences and lessons we wished to learn. Some of those lessons would not be pleasant but necessary for us to truly understand, compassion, humility and empathy with others. However if we kept the memory clear in our minds, obviously being human we would avoid unpleasant situations, so our memories of our blue print is dulled to our subconscious. Along our life's journey we will meet like minded souls, we will feel rapport with them sometimes other times we will come across the total opposite, some will be part of the blue print to help us achieve the lesson WE OURSELVES planned.

As a Medium I can tap into spirit and namely the person I am reading for, loved ones in Spirit, who can help give guidance and reassurance they are not alone in their tasks. One word of warning though! if you didn't take Auntie Mary's advice when she was on Earth, you don't have to from her in Spirit either. What Spirit can do though is help clarify and help the reader see their situation from another viewpoint.

There is a saying, "Cant see the wood for the trees" that's exactly why many people come for counseling, they cannot see what is right under their nose, what has been there all along. Well Mediumship can help the person seeking an answer find that answer within themselves. And indeed we do have all the answers to our problems within ourselves; we have just forgotten how to listen. To listen to our own Spirit for after all that is what we are Spirit incarnated in a human body.

I really feel I should cover this in my next book. I certainly touched on it in "Diary of a Love Affair", but I feel many people feel its creepy or scary or touches on the dark side of the occult. Well to enlighten the ignorant, its about love and light and I can guarantee anyone who has visited a Spiritualist medium for a reading will come away the better for having done so.

Spiritualism, is very similiar in lots of ways to Christianity, we believe in God and we believe in the Higherarchy of Angels and indeed this alone is one of the seven Principals we follow and the foundation of our religion. Many of us have a favourite, mine is number six: "Retribution and compensation for all souls", which basically means, what you give out in life you will get back tenfold. We also believe as well as God, we believe in Spirit, for not only can we pray or ask God for advice, we can ask advice from Spirit Guides. These are souls, who are highly developed and lived many life times, who have evolved and become truer in spirit. They aim is to guide us, help us, follow our spiritual path, and show us how to become better people. Like Christianity we believe we live on after physical death, but we go on to seek proof of survival, evidence to prove to someone who has come for a reading, that their loved ones are still alive and well albeit not in the physical sense.

Medium's use a variety of means to connect with Spirit, and all of use have had this ability since birth. You cannot learn to become a Medium, it is a gift, it can be developed and tuned, but it is God given. Please do not confuse us with Psychics, for this is where we differ. All Mediums possess a psychic ability, but not all psychics are Mediums, we work on different planes. The Psychic works by connecting to the Auric field i.e. the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds all living things. This can give the psychic details of out past and present, future, well that is never written in stone, for we all have free will. The Medium will often begin a reading tapping into this to begin with as this often gives an indication of the nature as to why they were consulted and some will use a Mantic tool, such as Crystals, Tarot etc.

At some point and generally its near the begining of a reading with me, I will connect with Spirit. Now no Medium can summon a Spirit to order, it doesn't work that way, but generally when someone comes for a reading it's because they have something troubling them and their own Spirit guides (yes we all have them) will know what the problem is and may well bring someone who has passed away recently (if they have suffered a bereavement) or a relative, be it a father, mother etc. who wishes to pass on comfort or advice or simply pass on just love.

A reading is no way creepy or frightening what so ever, sometimes I see spirit in the physical sense but as I have developed my skills as a Medium, more often than not I see spirit in my minds eye, this is termed 'Mental Mediumship'. I have never known anyone to come away frightened but every person who has visited a genuine Medium, will seek to find evidence and tell the person who they are doing the reading for, some sort of proof, only they would know. This is very comforting to them to know their loved ones live on and are watching over them. All will go away uplifted. We don't sit in the dark, with candles lit, not do we wear big gold hooped earrings and colourful scarfs on our heads. We just look normal and we are, but we have this ability to be sensitive albeit like radio picks up sound waves, to pick up communication from beyond the grave.


I GET ASKED MANY TIMES CAN YOU TELL MY FUTURE READ MY PALM/TEA LEAVES/AURA READ/CRYSTAL BALL ETC.ETC. THE ANSWER IS NO ONE CAN. I hope the article I've posted before will shed some light on to why this is for basically it explains FREEWILL. (especially area highlighted in italics)

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

Everybody is capable with working on a psychic level, it is our sixth sense. When man was evolving it was this special sense, that kept us safe, it was an inner knowing, a gut feeling that helped protect us and survive danger. Animals still use this sense, you might like think of it as being akin to instinct.

The psychic level is our link with 'the ethos', the Universe, where all knowledge can be sought.

It is perfectly possible to develop this ability, through finding a development class or from various techniques and exercises that can be found in suitable reading literature. Some people are naturally good psychics and it is perfectly possible to develop naturally. However this can be frightening for some, in which case a development class is the best option where the student will be under the tutelage of an experienced medium.

So just what is psychic energy, it is an energy lower than that of spiritual energy but it gives us insight and ability to gain knowledge from the past, present and future. We can do this by linking in to the universe, where the answers we are seeking to anything can be found. We do this by using our subconscious mind, the same part of the brain that is active when we are dreaming or under hypnosis. Our subconscious mind absorbs every piece of information given to us, every thought, every event in our present life and those we had before. The trouble is gaining access to this information, it is a skill, and like all skills can be developed.

Ah! the future, you say, that sounds interesting, and who on earth doesn't want to know at some point in their lives, what will befall them, whether it is, 'Will I pass this exam?', 'Will I get the job?' or 'When will I move house?' Therein lies the problem. It is truly impossible to truly predict the future accurately, we have all been issued with 'Free Will', nothing is written in stone, so it can only be a guide, as we all have the ability to make our own futures and life is what you make it.

So What is Mediumship?

The word 'medium' means a vessel, literally. Mediums have the ability to link with spirit and communicate with them. When the physical body dies, the mind lives on, it is our mind that is our soul, our spirit. The term 'ghosts' are not spirit at all, a ghost is akin to a tape recording the vibrations of that person, and generally the recording is deposited and left behind after a particularly traumatic event in that person's life whilst they were here on earth. The event was so traumatic as to have caused immense distress to that person, all the emotions, feelings and mental anguish made a mark on where these strong emotions were experienced. Generally the so called 'ghost' follows the same pattern, an anniversary of the sighting might be experienced on the same date year after year for example. It is impossible to communicate with a ghost as it is a 'recording' and not a spirit.

So the spirit is the mind energy of someone who was once alive at sometime on earth, and the only difference now is they don't have a physical body. We as humans on earth just now are spirit in a human body that is the only difference.

Mediumship is not something that can be acquired through attending a course like psychic ability, it is a gift given to us by the 'Godhead' to be utilised for the highest good for mankind.

Everything on earth and in 'heaven' has a vibration, an energy, mediums have the ability to 'tune in' to this vibration and interpret ate it; a bit like turning the tuning dial on a radio to locate a station. After all each radio station has its own wave length and by turning the tuning dial we locate another channel. We know that sound waves exist, we cannot see them, but we know they are there for when we turn on the TV or radio, they are responsible for enabling us to watch and listen to our favourite program. This is exactly what a medium is, we have been gifted this 'tuning dial' that is all.

So when someone passes over, I prefer this term to death, it is only the physical human body that perishes, the person's mind still exists, with all the personality and foibles that made that person who they are, their character. Mediums therefore have the ability to tune into each souls vibration and pick up messages for their loved ones they left behind when their physical body perished.

Mediums are also psychic as spiritual vibrations resonate at a higher frequency than that of the psychic so have the ability to work on both levels. A medium cannot conjure up spirit, The link between spirit and those on earth is love and that bond can never be broken and lives on for all eternity. So all the medium can do is to ask for those loved ones to come forward if they have any messages of love to gift for those they have left behind on earth.

Most of the work a medium does is to provide survival evidence. 'Survival' evidence is knowledge that cannot be gained by the medium themselves about the person they are giving a sitting to, it is generally only something that the sitter would know, and often can only be confirmed by another relative, proof that their loved ones in spirit exist. Mediums are not there to foretell the future, the loved ones in spirit may well give a little information purely as proof of survival and as long as it did not hinder any progress in life for the sitter. And remember if you didn't take advice from 'Grandad' when he was alive you don't have to now he's passed over, he still has exactly the same personality and character as he did when he was' here'.

So how do mediums communicate with spirit, we do this with our minds, to be totally honest I have had this ability for as long as I can remember, and truthfully I really don't know, but I have over the years been able to recognise various sensations, that alert me that spirit are around, sensations like differences in temperature, tingling etc.

Mediums communicate in different ways, sometimes through 'clairvoyance' which means clear seeing, where the medium actually sees the spirit, now this can be in one of two ways or even both, where the medium sees the spirit as if looking at someone in real life, in the physical, the spirit may even be transparent or in their minds eye, this is known as 'Mental Mediumship'. Personally myself I see spirit in both these ways.

In 'clairaudience', this means hearing, now this can be actually hearing a voice that you is not your own, or it can sound like your own, but its not your thoughts, and don't worry, I am quite sane lol!

In 'clairsentience', this is feeling, sensing, the spirit, in this the medium senses the emotions, mental state of the spirit, almost as if the spirit imposes their themselves over you.

Most mediums use one or two of these abilities, myself I combine all three, when I link with them, this enables me to experience all their emotions, see what they looked like and hear what they are saying.

Now as I've said everything in the universe has its own vibration, Earth having the lowest in spiritual terms. After Earth comes the Astral realm, it is on this realm that we travel when we dream, its not unusual to see friends etc, in dream state, after all they will be travelling this realm too at night lol. It is on this realm where lower Elementals reside, i.e. wood nymphs, nature spirits, elves and fairies amongst others, and as often as in the case spirit who are trapped unable to move on also reside in this vibration. this is the same vibration used in psychic work. There are several spiritual realms each having a different vibration, with the most Celestial where the realms of the Angels are.

When the medium links with spirit, he or she has the ability to raise their own vibration that bit higher, loved ones in spirit who are around us at a given time, whether it is to help their loved ones on earth or sometimes it is an anniversary of their passing, will have lowered their vibration and the medium is then able to pick up these vibrations and interpret ate them. Unfortunately for the medium, it is not so easy and difficult to maintain this link continuously, hence some information may be lost, complete names for example and sentences to explain: 'the fat black cat sat on the red mat', what the medium might hear because of the fluctuating vibration would be: 'the back sat on mat', hence some information is lost.

For some reason spirit sometimes work with a type of shorthand i.e. symbols, these symbols have to be and worked out by the medium for example to me, seeing a ring might mean a marriage or partnership, it might mean something differently entirely to another medium, we each have our own, it is a way of communicating at a fast vibrational level. When messages from spirit come in to the medium's mind the arrive very fast and to help the medium 'catch' and interpret ate these messages quickly the shorthand helps speed up the process.

One of the most accurate ways of obtaining information from spirit is by doing absent readings, here the sitter is not present and the medium can link in with the sitter either by thinking about them or by viewing a photograph, sometimes an example of handwriting is useful. In this method the medium will ask any spirit links to come forward with any messages for the sitter. This is a particularly accurate method, for the medium cannot read the sitter's body language or by careful questioning gleam any information from the sitter as they are absent, many mediums work best in this area and each medium will eventually find a method suitable for them.

I myself personally like to work with Tarot, this works on the psychic level first of all, and in doing his gives an insight to the sitter's past, present and future, for all that can be picked up from the sitter's auric field: and then I raise the vibration to link with spirit, to bring forward any messages from the spirit realms. With regard to the information from the tarot or any other Mantic tool (A mantic tool is any form of divination aid such as tarot, crystals, crystal ball, angel cards, tea leaves any sort of aid that helps aid the psychic to use as a tool to latch on to the unique vibration of the sitter. The hand of the sitter is a mantic tool in palm reading) nothing is written in stone, God and the Universe gave us 'Free will'

Before we incarnate as spirit in a human body, for that is what we are whilst on earth, we have some sort of basic plan in mind. We have a goal, a series of lessons we have chosen for ourselves to experience and learn, these lessons may be such as humility, compassion, kindness, sorrow, pain and suffering, for in experiencing these emotions and experiences, we develop empathy and understanding for our fellow humans on earth. Each time we go through these experiences, we become more spiritual and closer to God. But we are never left on our own to go through life's traumas, we have our friends and guides in spirit who give us support to undergo these tasks. Sometimes it feels as if we are all alone and this is because of guides have to stand back to let us experience pain and suffering, for only by undertaking these challenges we learn and grown strong. They never allow us to suffer so much that we cannot bear it, we have chosen these experiences for ourselves, so we are responsible for our own spiritual development. They are there to guide and support us in our 'School on earth'. Why is it we never remember what we planned before we came here? Well that is because if we knew what was before us would we want to; I think not!

Often we incarnate in the same soul groups, the soul is neither male nor female, and we choose which sex we will be to experience life and views from that perspective. Sometimes in that soul group we may be the father of the son who was the father in the last incarnation to experience life from both sides to gain empathy and understanding. We tend to incarnate in groups so that we learn from one another, and the power of this in action is that we are often drawn to particular people in our lives here. We are often drawn to these souls, on meeting these people we instantly feel a bond, not necessarily of physical attraction, but we feel some sort of unseen force bond at work, for we had planned this meeting before we came here, and we recognise one another on a subconscious level. Remember though it is up to us whether we choose whether to go through the experience, but generally if we delay the process, we will often have to relive these experiences at a later date or another life, for we know instinctively what is best for us. We choose to do this because we have a common goal we wish to grow closer to God and the Universe.

Spiritual love is the purest love of all, it has no conditions, it does not judge, it has no limits and never ends. It conquers all that is evil and bad in this world and removes all pain. Our common goal is to grow in spirit, and our loved ones in spirit are always there supporting and sending us their love. Mediumship is a gift bestowed upon us to help mankind in order that we can feel the touch of spirit from beyond, to support and teach us and keep us on our chosen path, our path to God.

MPB (c)


I was sent this in my mail bag. Firstly I think when you disrespect someones views and then do not give them the right to reply it is cowardly. Secondly I believe everyone has the right to free speech and their own opinions. Thirdly I do not believe in pushing my views and religion on to others. Everyone is entitled to believe in what they wish. And lastly it is because of bigoted and closed views world wars have begun. There are many religions in the world and that is fine but do we have the right to push our beliefs on to others because we disagree? I would hope we all have a common goal to treat each person as we would treat ourselves and to love one another unconditionally. The only one who is entitled to judge us is our God.

Spiritualism is a religion that gives an understanding of God and encourages us to act with a high sense of duty towards others. Spiritualism stimulates spiritual growth and prepares us for eternal existence in the spirit-world.

Spiritualism is a science because it is based upon proven facts that can be demonstrated and scientifically classified. Spiritualism is the science of life as it encourages the search for truth in every department of existence, in nature and in human psychology.

Spiritualism is a philosophy that attempts to understand people, their physical, intellectual, moral, and spiritual being. As Spirit is the moving force of the Universe, so Spiritualist philosophy embraces the whole realm of nature.
These words are based upon a chapter entitled 'The Nature of Spiritualism.'
from the Spiritualists' Lyceum Manual



Between You and (I have removed her name because she is entitled to her views this does not mean she has the right to disrespect mine)

"06 March at 02:04 We've all seen the television commercials with the colorful character telling us that he or she can unlock the secrets to your future. These are psychics and they claim that they can help you but for a fee of course. The Bible has much to say about seeking out psychics as they have been around since the beginning. The Bible refers to them as mediums and spiritists. In modern day we call them fortune tellers, witch doctors, soothsayers, and counselors in addition to psychics. The Bible is very clear about turning away from psychics. In Leviticus 20:6 (NIV), it says not to go to "mediums and spiritists." Isaiah 8:19 (NIV) asks why anyone would want to consult a dead spirit instead of the living God? Let's see what else the Bible has to say about psychics.

Psychics in the Bible and today seek financial gain more than they want to help. In Acts 16:16-19 (NIV), we see the story of Paul and Silas followed by the fortune-telling slave girl. The slave girl kept shouting to the crowds that these were the servants of God and were coming to preach the message of salvation. She did this several times until Paul lost patience and commanded the demon to come out of her. But when the demon spirit left the slave girl, she no longer had the ability to tell fortunes which infuriated her owners because of the loss in revenue. It's much the same way today. Psychics set up telephone hotlines to have you call for a reading and you end up paying hundreds of dollars for it. Psychics will tell you they are here to help, but if they truly wanted to help they would do it for free.

Psychics oftentimes speak half-truths. Notice in the Bible that the slave girl in "Acts 16 (NIV)" spoke the truth initially because Paul and Silas were actually there to preach the Gospel. Keep in mind however that Satan and his demons usually present themselves as angels of light in the beginning. If this were not so, then they would not be able to pull in such a large following of people. The slave girl was merely establishing credibility by speaking a truth and then there would be no problem getting people to believe anything (truth or lie) she said after that.

Saul died because he sought out a psychic. The one Bible event that should make anyone fearful of seeking out psychics today is what happened to King Saul in the Old Testament. In "1 Samuel 28 (NIV)", King Saul was approaching the end of his reign. He had not been in God's will and God basically was not answering his prayers (Saul had prayed for an answer for what to do about the Phillistine Army surrounding the camp at Gilboa). So, Saul disguised himself and went to see the psychic (medium) at Endor. Of course Saul displayed his double standard having already decreed the illegality of psychics. The medium brought up the spirit of Samuel and he told Saul that the next day he would die in battle along with his sons--devastating news for Saul. In 1 Chronicles 10:13 (NIV), the Bible says that one of the reasons Saul died was because he sought out a psychic.

06 March at 02:11 No need to reply, I've blocked you. You scare me. God has heard my prayer for you" UNQUOTE

History - Ancient Spiritualism

The belief in, and practice of communication with, spirits has existed in all nations. Spiritual phenomenon have occurred throughout human history, with people being entranced, inspired and influenced by spirit intelligences. During moments of ecstasy, in dreams, reveries, drug induced states and deep meditations people have experienced spirit awareness. In fact, mankind’s history, literature, folk law and fairytales are full of mystical spiritual beings both good and bad.

In ancient times, primitive man had no doubt that his ancestors survived death and ancestor-worship was a form of religion. Some people had psychic abilities, similar to modern mediums, and were aware of psychic forces the spirit world, and could communicated with spirit peoples.

The Greeks consulted oracles and the Egyptians and Romans practised fortune-telling and prophecy to obtain guidance from the gods. Even today some cultures have their witch-doctors and shamans, who invoke the powers of the spirit for healing and giving guidance.
Christianity and Spiritualism

The Christian Church was founded on spirit communication and phenomena that could be described as mediumship. Throughout the bible are many examples of spiritual happenings, inspirational speech, speaking in other languages, spiritual voices, and angel messengers foretelling the coming of prophets. Many Spiritualists believe that Jesus had an exceptional psychic and mediumship ability as illustrated in the reports of his healing powers, inspired teachings, the transfiguration, and the many so-called ‘miracles’ that occurred in his presence. After his death, Jesus was seen and heard by his followers and it seems that mediumship played an important part in the spreading of the new religion.

However, in the 4th century, Christian leaders decided that the use of psychic and mediumship abilities was wrong unless performed by the Christian priesthood. All others who demonstrated spiritual abilities were denounced as ‘false prophets’, evil sorcerers, heretics and were liable to punishment.

In 1484 the Pope strongly denounced mediums. The Church also sanctioned the publication of a book entitled, Malleus Maleficarum or ‘Hammer of the Witches,’ that described all people who communicated with spirits as witches and stated that they should be severely punished. After this, there was a long period of persecution where people suspected of using psychic abilities were in danger of trial, torture and execution. During these times thousands of mediums were put to death by the church-sanctioned ‘witch-hunters’.
18th Century
Emmanuel Swedenborg

In the 18th century a Swedish scientist and astronomer, Emmanuel Swedenborg, become
well-known for his philosophical writings that, he claimed, were received from spirit teachers
and inspirers.
Andrew Jackson Davis

Emmanuel Swedenborg died in 1772 and later he communicated from the spirit world through
the mediumship of a young American, Andrew Jackson Davis.

Wesley family - Epworth Rectory

Spiritual phenomena in the form of knockings also occurred in the 18th century in England at the Epworth Rectory, home of the Wesley family.

My religion is SPIRITUALISM, it is not dissimilar from Christianity in that we believe in God and the hierarchy or Angels and we follow The 7 principals.

Seven Principles of Spiritualism

Our Seven Principles are legally accepted and a lawfully recognised definition of the religious philosophy of Spiritualism. A brief explanation of each one follows:

The Fatherhood of God

By the study of Nature - that is, by trying to understand the Laws of Cause & Effect which govern all that is happening around us - we recognise that there is a creative force in the universe. This force, or energy, not only created the whole universe, but also life itself in its many forms and is continuing to create today. The effects of this eternal creation can be seen around us and this leads us to the evidence that 'God' - 'The Creative Force' - manifests directly, or indirectly, in all things. We know this power as God and as we are part of the Life created by God, we acknowledge God as our Father.

The Brotherhood of Man

Because we all come from the same universal life source we are, in effect, one large family, small individual offshoot from the whole. This means that all mankind is part of a brotherhood. A brotherhood is a community for mutual support and comfort. We are all members of the same divine family. We need to share our joys as well as our burdens; we need to understand the needs of other individuals in order to assist them as part of our service to each other. As we learn to give so must we also learn to receive thereby achieving the necessary balance for our life. We must look not only to the material necessities of our fellow creatures but also to their spiritual needs and help those in need to become strong and worthy of their relationship in the Family of God.

Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels

All religions believe in life after death but only Spiritualism shows that it is true by demonstrating that communication with departed spirits can and does take place. Spiritualist Churches provide one of the venues where communication, through mediumship, is possible and many loved relatives and friends take advantage of this opportunity to continue to take an interest in our welfare. There are also spirit people/teachers who are dedicated to the welfare and service of mankind. Some (e.g. Silver Birch) bring inspiration and teachings whilst others work within the healing ministry.

Continuous Existence of the Human Soul

It is scientifically proven that matter (being part of the creative force, or energy) cannot be destroyed; it merely changes its form. Spirit, as part of the Creative Force is, therefore, indestructible. On the death of the physical body, the spirit continues as an integral part of a world, which interpenetrates our world but in a different dimension. This world is referred to as the Spirit World. In spirit life we have a spirit body, which until we progress far enough, is a replica of our earthly body. We are the same individuals in every way with the same personalities and characteristics and we change only by progression, or otherwise, as a result of our own efforts. Our personal responsibilities do not stop at death.

Personal Responsibility

This principle is the one which places responsibility for wrongful thoughts and deeds where it belongs - with the individual. It is the acceptance of responsibility for every aspect of our lives and the use to which we place our lives depends entirely upon ourselves. It is not possible for any other person, or outside influence, to interfere with our spiritual development, unless we are willing to allow this. No one can put right the wrongdoing except the offender. As we are given freedom of choice (freewill) so also are we given the ability to recognise what is right from what is wrong. We are totally, as well as personally, responsible.

Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth

As with all the other Principles, the natural laws apply and this one echoes the law of Cause and Effect (as you sow, so shall you reap). One cannot be cruel and vindictive towards others and expect love and popularity in return. It must be understood that the compensatory or retributive effects of this law operate now -on earth - they do not wait until we begin to live in the Spirit World.

Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul

In every heart there exists the desire for progress and to every human spirit belongs the power to progress in wisdom and love.

All who desire to tread the path that leads to perfection are able to pursue it. The rate of progress is directly proportional to the desire for mental and spiritual understanding. If we do our best in earth life to follow our inward prompting or intuitions; we shall find progress very easy, on earth as in spirit; if not, every step in advancement will follow a struggle against imperfections, which we ourselves will have worked into our natures. Within the Family of God, with all the advantages that our realisation of that state can give us, we are all given the opportunity to be responsible for our own eternal progress.

History - Modern Spiritualism

A family who moved to a homestead in Hydesville, New York State, USA were disturbed by noises, knockings, movements of objects and other unusual phenomena.

The two children Catherine and Margaretta discovered that if they spoke out then the mysterious noises seemed to respond and it became clear that the phenomena were not just random manifestations of energy but were under the control of some invisible intelligence. In a world where such happenings were feared and where religion labelled them as evil, these happenings soon gained the attention of neighbours and family friends. The news of these happenings spread far and wide, at times many bystanders came to marvel at the unexplained knockings and noises.

On March 31, 1848, the two sisters, Margaretta and Catherine Fox, established intelligent, two way communication with a spirit person who was responsible for producing the phenomena.
Farmstead of the Fox Family

A committee of investigation was formed and communicated with the spirit who had been harassing the Fox family. The committee listened out for the response signal knocks and they established that the communicator was Charles Rosna, who had been murdered and buried beneath the cellar of the homestead. An excavation of the cellar later proved that there was indeed the remains of a body buried there.

The publicity which these events aroused and the investigations carried out at the time led to mediumship being discussed openly. The Fox family suffered scorn, ridicule, and persecution but because of them advice came from spirit people as to how to encourage spirit communication. The printing press, cheaper newspapers and books, the improved literacy amongst the people, the rail road and improved postal service meant that many learned about this new spiritual phenomena and how it could be achieved. In many homes, groups of people met and, following the advice, were successful in obtaining spirit communication for themselves. And, once communication was established, the spirit people could direct the process and give specific guidance to further help the process.

It became clear that certain people were naturally mediumistic and the new forms of communication enabled strikingly accurate and detailed information to be communicated. Spiritual phenomena flowed from the many Spiritualist groups which provided, time after time, personal joyful evidence confirming the existence of a spirit world that could communicate with those still on earth. In just a few years many groups of Spiritualists formed in America to seek psychic phenomena and to consider the religious implications which lay behind the teaching received from spirit.

In time, both the phenomena and the teachings attracted the attention of eminent scientists and intellectuals in America and Britain. A Mrs Hayden brought the new knowledge to England and openly demonstrated mediumship here. She was persecuted and insulted by the press and by some in the established Christian church, however her mediumship was defended by public figures, such as Robert Owen, who embraced Spiritualism after witnessing successful spirit communications with her.

In 1853 the first Spiritualist Church was established in the Britain at Keighley in Yorkshire, and the first Spiritualist newspaper, The Yorkshire Spiritual Telegraph, was published in 1855. By the 1870s there were numerous Spiritualist societies and churches throughout the country.

Today, Spiritualism allows all people to witness, and learn for themselves, communication with the spirit world. Before, information about such practices was banned and considered dangerous and evil. However, by the events at Hydesville, ignorance and fear concerning the spirit world is passing away and all people can benefit from the love, guidance, and wisdom from those who have gone before who are now progressing in the spirit world



As a working psychic medium I feel I need to yet touch on this subject matter again owing to the forums I see on the internet and the ratings and feed back given to us in the profession.

I will say and agree that there are many charlatans in my profession but equally there are many excellent psychic mediums too. However before you start to criticise us, you need to have a basic understanding of how the laws of  the Universe work and also many so called Psychics will jump down my throat when I say this, "It's impossible to foretell the future". The genuine psychics and mediums amongst us will understand this, but let me explain.

We are all subject in life and after death to the laws of the Universe, namely there is cause and effect, every thought and deed we have and do will cause ripples of energy and effect others. One you will know well as 'Karma' i.e. you are accountable for all your actions and what you give out you will get back tenfold, us Spiritualists know this as 'Compensation and retribution for all souls'. To put it even simpler, if you bear bad thoughts and actions towards others you will have to pay for it either in this lifetime or in another but positively if you do good deeds and think positively for others you will be rewarded. Positive thoughts and deeds attract positivity and likewise negativity attracts negativity. This is known as the 'law of attraction'.

How this transpires is whilst we are in spirit before we incarnate, we know our faults and failings and  WE choose to work on those to make our souls purer, so we choose experiences and challenges some of which is to payback for what we have done before. We also through every lifetime wish to experience  all aspects of life, the good and the bad to enrich our souls and the older our soul the tougher the challenges these tend to be. But think about  this, if we knew what was ahead of us in our lifetime, especially the not so good, would we wish to go through with it? probably not, so our memory is wiped from our 'physical mind' our souls however retain this memory and this can be explained as our 'higher self or intuition'. Life is not easy on Earth it was never intended to be for Earth is our classroom and we are all incarnated on Earth to learn and grow. We thus have this soul memory of what we need do, but the Universe and spirit want us to learn from our mistakes, they want us to choose for ourselves to learn willingly so they give us 'Free will'.

Now what has all this got to do with Psychics and Mediums? it is the 'Free will' that complicates readings, we can see your soul path, we are sensitive enough to attune to your souls, but we have no control over your 'Free will'. Sometimes our guides and helpers will only give some information and not the desperate information you long for, this is because, either there is a soul challenge for you or another party involved. So can you see how it is impossible to be 100% accurate. Guides will only give some information if it will not impinge YOUR chosen destiny. Our personal guides and helpers and loved ones in spirit want to help us get through those challenges, so they will help us meet like minded souls to help us along the way. This may be the understanding friend, who has been though these type of experiences themselves who in turn can support you through your soul lesson. Sometimes these people will be here for a few days, the transient or the long standing but rest assured Spirit will never let you fall so far you cannot get up.

One common criticism I see on these forums arise through ignorance, and that is, 'If psychics could tell the future they would know the lottery numbers' after all how many psychics do you know are lottery winners? The answer of course is none, not because we are rubbish psychics but because genuine psychics and mediums are old souls and we are working at becoming purer souls, our challenge is to experience as much as possible and I can guarantee the genuine psychics and mediums amongst us will have had a tough life. This is because we need to have experienced all those awful things so we can be supportive and understanding and be able to show empathy to others.

Only the ignorant, young souls would come out with this. Only the ignorant and young souls would liken psychic mediums to fortune tellers. Indeed Psychic Mediums are NOT fortune tellers we are here to empathise, support and guide YOU through your challenges and sometimes we are given snippets of the future but only if it won't affect your progress. Mediums on the other hand also give 'Survival Evidence' of life after physical death. The future is not written in stone, you make your own destiny, YOU chose it and YOU alone are responsible for it.

Now if there are psychic mediums out there who read this and disagree with what I'm saying, I would question their motives, the word 'Charlatan' comes to mind.

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I forgot to address this query from the last post in depth so doing this now. The following is part of the email in the last post received by me

Quote: Psychics set up telephone hotlines to have you call for a reading and you end up paying hundreds of dollars for it. Psychics will tell you they are here to help, but if they truly wanted to help they would do it for free. Unquote

My explanation: Psychics do this for free, you are paying for their time not their advice, most of the cost of these calls are taken up by the phone companies the lines are rented from and agency overheads, the actual readers only receive a tiny percentage of the fee. Because the psychics time is taken up giving advice, it prevents then working in other occupations and the vast majority of these psychic advisers are highly trained counsellors with professional qualifications. Would you expect to go to a therapist and get this service for free? Oh I admit like any other profession there are poor psychics, some being charlatans however if you go to a reputable agency and there are a few highly respected and reliable ones out there, who take the care to vet and test the psychics and mediums on their books. you wont have any problems. A medium's job is to give you evidence of survival to prove to you the spirit he/she is communicating with is someone you recognise, this is done by describing their appearance, their character, what ailment caused their death, their relationship to you and hopefully their name. We try and find out some facts only be known to the client such as describing a situation around you.

This takes up a great deal of energy to do this and it takes time and counselling advice is given too. I might add that a good counsellor only makes a client aware of their choices and does not tell the client what to do and listens and empathises with the client. And you want all of this for free?

When entering a debate its essential to firstly get your facts right and give the other you are debating with a chance to challenge your debate as this makes the view unbalanced, bias and prejudiced

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I am often asked various questions pertaining to the spirit world and various aspects of the psychic, here are some of them: I will in time feature more questions and answers as this webpage evolves

Q. Is a psychic or medium a fortune teller?
A. It may surprise you to know psychics and mediums are not fortune tellers
Q. Is it possible to forecast the future?
A.Well not 100% and this is because of free will.
Q. What is free will?
A. Free will is YOUR right to decide what you want to do about a situation, it is a choice
Q. How does free will affect a situation?
A. Well before we incarnate as Spirit in a human body, we decide on what experiences and challenges that will benefit our spiritual growth. However we are given the choice (free will) as to whether we go through with the experience or challenge. In effect we are allowed to change or mind.
Q. So are you saying we all know what lies before us?
A. Well in a way we all do. Remember we are 'Spirit' in a human body and your spirit does retain a memory but it is deep in our subconscious. This memory is retained deeply for a reason to help us fulfill our experiences and challenges we ourselves chose. However it is also at this deep level so we are not so aware. If you knew what lay before you would you go through with it? Probably not but we still retain this memory deeply and this reflects in our Aura.
Q. So what is the Aura?
A.The aura is The Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds living bodies, this includes people, animals, plants and crystals and is composed of several layers that are constantly moving. The Aura links us to whats known as Universal energy i.e. that is all the knowledge in the Universe past, present and future. It is on this aura that psychics are able to tap into and access your past, whats going on in the present and the possible future and I say possible specifically if your goal or desire is dependent on other people, for remember every person involved in a situation has free will.