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The website of Author/Writer and Psychic Medium Astrid Brown. Making the most of 'YOU' i.e. how to achieve well-being and beauty from within ourselves. A truly holistic blog providing information on all aspects of psychic mediumship, spiritualism, philosophy, holistic therapies, nutrition, health, stress, mental health and beauty with a little bit of Wicca for good measure. Feeling and looking good is as much a part of how we feel inside as the outside.

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I am a great believer in Karma, but just what is it? Karma comes from the Sanskrit and ancient Indian Language with the underlying principal that every deed in our lives will affect our future life. For example, if we treat others badly during our lifetime we will have negative experiences later on in that lifetime or in future lifetimes. Likewise, if we treat others well we will be rewarded by positive experiences.

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If you have ever experienced a broken relationship you will understand when I say it feels as if part of you is missing, this is because in effect is what has happened. When you have deep feelings for someone your auric field reaches out to that other person like a tentacle to be with them. People who are deeply in love will often say that their loved one is with them. However when that relationship breaks up suddenly it does literally, create this sensation that part of you is missing.

This is not the same as when a relationship ends due to the other person passing over in death so do not try this ritual to get over a bereavement. Grieving is a natural process.


There are several rituals this is the one I have used and recommend.It is done through visualisation and can be performed as much as necessary in the passing of time, you will find you wont feel you have the need to do it. Visualise you are standing opposite the one you wish to cut ties with

And visualise a ribbon of each associated colour with each chakra for example red for base, orange for sacral, yellow for solar plexus, green or pink for the heart, blue for throat, indigo for third eye and purple for crown. These coloured ribbons join each of you together.

As you face one another smile and send love. at the same time visualise a pink cloud surrounding both you feet, pink is associated with love.

Now visualise a pair of ornate golden scissors cutting each ribbon in turn starting at the base chakra, as you cut each ribbon each end curls back to each person and at the same time the pink cloud rises up to obscure the other.

All the time smiling and sending them love to see them on their way. Gradually as you cut you will obscure the person you are cutting ties with and with the final tie complete you have sent them away with love to live their own life and yours.

You will have to do this a few times and every time you think of them do this visualisation, You will notice as time passes you wont think of them so much and you will be able to do the ritual quicker and easier and it will no longer hurt if your thoughts do turn to the person you are cutting ties with.

Do not do this ritual after a bereavement or when you are in an actual relationship with someone. It should only be used when the relationship is over and no longer serves a purpose. To allow you both to move on, one neither hating the other, that is why you smile and send love as you send them on their way.



It is never justifiable to curse or hex anyone, it is wrong and you have to remember the laws of the Universe what you give out you will get back tenfold. However that does not mean you have to tolerate being bullied or attacked by anyone for this can result in unhappiness and can if it goes on resulting in physical illness. Sometimes no matter what you do to try and resolve something and even report it to the appropriate authority that doesn't cause it to cease. You cannot wish ill on them for bad vibes will always rebound on the sender of negative magic but what you can do is return the pain to the perpetrator. You are not mentioning names but merely returning ill will and negativity back to where it came from.

This ritual is most effective when carried out at the time of a waning moon or on any moonless night.

Method and ingredients

Take nine iron nails (carpet tacks will do) and place them in a dark glass bottle with sprigs of rosemary, sour milk that's begun to curdle and some cheap red wine that has gone sour

Cork the bottle and shake it saying: "May venom and viciousness coil like poisonous snakes and bottle up the evil that is done to me"

Purify a drain with a few drops of fenugreek or pine dissolved in warm water with a sprinkling of some salt.

Shake the bottle well and tip the contents down the drain saying words such as:

Pain, misery flow from me

Flow not to the sea

Flow back to he or she

Inflicter of disharmony

Wheresoever you may be

You can do this ritual also for anonymous letters, phone calls or unidentifiable malice

Rinse out the bottle with very hot water and tip any remnants away, rinsing until the water from the bottle runs clear

When the bottle is empty say:

I have returned the pain

Send it not again

Purify the bottle by placing a clear quartz crystal in it with pure spring water and leave it uncorked for a sun and moon cycle

I have performed this many times to good effect to send back negativity to where it originated


Ideally  carried out as a group but this exercise needs a minimum of two people. Divide the group into pairs and one of the pair sits on a chair close to and facing the wall. The second person stands several feet away and to allow the second person to have an indication of how detecting the aura feels like ask them to rub their hands together then pull them slowly apart, there will be a tingling sensation and as the hands are pulled apart and pushed together, there will be a bit of a bounce like you are playing with an invisible ball.

With the first person facing the wall, ask the person sitting on the chair to think of very happy thoughts and concentrate on this. The second person with hands outstretched walks forward to the seated person, being alert and aware of any tingling warm, cool sensations. When these are detected stop and notice how far away the second person is away from the seated person. With the sensation detected, like the invisible ball before the second person should be able to push and pull gently what they are feeling.

Repeat the exercise above but this time ask the seated person to think of something very sad and focus of being negative. Note this time how far the second person is away from the seated person.

Swap over and repeat the two steps above. What have you noticed?  there should be a consistency, what is it?


Now this is a fun activity and what you need for this activity is a bunch of assorted flowers, they can be wild ones, ones from the garden, even weeds will do, it really doesn't matter. Do to a flower reading you have to let your mind go floppy and just go with the first thing that comes into your head. It's the very first words, thoughts ideas and it will come very fast, it you have to think about it, then its your own rational mind thinking about it and not your intuition.

So you have a vase of assorted flowers in a vase and in a group you can all take turns reading for each other. Everyone picks a flower at random and the person doing the flower reading takes the flower from the person who picked it and allows their intuition to pick up random thoughts, don't worry about what comes, just allow it to flow.

Below is some examples of the kind of things you may pick up allow the flower to give you ideas, you are using the flower as a mantic tool, a vehicle for the reading.

Now I'm not sure what this flower is but it doesn't matter, use what you have, the clues are very subtle but they are there and the Universe is very clever.

I feel this person can be quite shy, its not that they are secretive, there's nothing devious there purely because they lack confidence in what their abilities (I am using the flower that is half closed and has a deeper more detailed inner and the colour of white that denotes innocence as my key here) I feel that this person is very spiritual but they lack the confidence in their ability. I also feel this person is quite neat, tidy and organised (again I am using the detailed centre to give me the inspiration for this reading) I am also drawn the large amount of green leaves surrounding this flower and in fact the radiate around the flower like a halo. Green is often associated with healing and the caring professions so I feel this person cares for others and possibly in one of the caring professions like nursing or even teaching and the have a natural healing aura about them. (Again I am using what I have here to use in the reading) I am sure you will get the idea, don't be frightened to say what first comes to you.

You don't even have to use real flowers, you can use pictures of flowers whereby  each of the group takes a picture from an assorted pile of flower pictures. The Universe is very clever how it works. We all have this ability, this is merely a tool to help us link into our inherent psychic abilities.


Sage & Sweetgrass with Abalone shell 

Smudging what is it? and why do it?

In an earlier article I talked about Universal law, in order to understand why smudge you will have read about Universal Laws, if not click on the link below.

The Law of Vibration and Attraction-

* Everything vibrates, nothing rests.
* Conscious awareness of vibration is called feeling. Your thoughts control your paradigms and your vibration (which dictates what you attract).
* When you are not feeling good, become aware of what you are thinking, then think of something pleasant. In other words negativity attracts negativity and likewise positivity attracts positivity
Well over time energy builds up, every time we think, we create a 'thoughtform' this thoughtform is energy and it become tangible, in other words it creates an effect. When you think how many thoughts you have in a day, you can see that is an awful lot of energy built up. What is worse when you get into a negative state of mind and you worry you put all this negative energy out in to your surroundings and because of the "The law of vibration and attraction" negative attracts negative, so this energy builds up and attracts even more and before you know it you worry even more, you attract back luck into your life and its a hard cycle to get out off. So what do you do. Well first no matter what you focus on the positive but that alone is not easy, you need to give your surroundings a bit of a helping hand hence 'Smudging'

Before you begin smudging to help attract positive energy around you need to de-clutter and clear out and tidy up. Any dead or dying houseplants/flowers have got to go. Empty bins and get rid of belongings that no longer serve you well, if you haven't worn it or used it for a year chances are you wont ever, so recycle it. Do the laundry, and tidy and clean your home, you can now smudge your surroundings.

Some people like to have a regular schedule for smudging and you don't have to stop at homes, you can work on people (if they allow it) yourself and your possessions. It's a good idea if you feel the energy in your home has changed or you are feeling down to smudge. There are many methods and the traditional method is with sage and sweet grass and an abalone shell and with a feather. You light the sage and sweet grass bundle blow on it till smouldering and carry it in the abalone shell, this will induce smoke. The feather is used to waft the smoke to the areas you wish to smoke, remember you are dealing with a naked flame so be sensible and don't use it near combustible materials or gas sources etc. You can use incense Frankincense is ideal or a bell or even clap your hands if you have nothing available to hand. What is important is the intent. You are smudging to remove negative energy and attract positive energy in its place.

With rooms, homes, after you have de cluttered and cleaned, in each corner of each room, either waft the smoke, ring the bell or clap and with your mind focused and with intent ask that the negative energy is changed into positive energy. The reason I say changed if you simply ask for the negative energy to be removed, you are moving it out into the atmosphere and sending it to someone else.

You may find you have a bit of interference from Lower Elementals.

The universe has its own vibration, Earth having the lowest in spiritual terms. After Earth comes the Astral realm, it is on this realm that we travel when we dream, its not unusual to see friends etc, in dream state, after all they will be traveling this realm too at night lol. It is on this realm where lower Elementals reside, i.e. wood nymphs, nature spirits, elves and fairies amongst others, and as often as in the case spirit who are trapped unable to move on also reside in this vibration. this is the same vibration used in psychic work. There are several spiritual realms each having a different vibration, with the most Celestial where the realms of the Angels are.

These entities live in the lower astral realms and they feed on negative energy, like everything else there is balance in the Universe, cause and effect, good and bad, so obviously they do not like the shift in negative energy, so you may find light bulbs will blow, computers act up, it will pass, focus on the positive and visualise this positive energy flowing throughout your home.

When it comes to smudging people and possessions its basically the same technique wafting the smoke around yourself and visualising covering you and washing and cleansing all the negative energy into positive energy, same with the bell, its often easier to get a helper to do this for you, remember the key is by thought and intent.

If you use incense or sage and sweet grass be careful when dealing with flames.

You should notice a difference almost immediately the atmosphere will feel lighter and you may get a sudden energy rush.

I came across this excellent website. It has excellent products for room clearing/smudging

Spray Smudge


Spraysmudge.com will help you to create positive energy in your home and your life, all you need to attract prosperity and balance to mind, body and spirit


In my many years of working with Spirit and it has been a lifetime, often I am asked about disturbing dreams or experiences, when waking in the night or just drifting off to sleep. These often manifest as frightening faces, or eyes or a sensation you are being attacked. These experiences tend to come when you are very tired and off guard. These experiences are typical of the activities of lower entities and elementals that inhabit the astral plane. The Astral plane is the closest vibration of the several spiritual realms, to earth and it is on this realm we travel when we sleep.

Now everybody is capable of developing their psychic ability, this is not the same as mediumship, where you can communicate with spirit, this psychic ability is inherent to all of us and was designed as a protective mechanism to keep us safe. Animals still use theirs, we have just got out of the habit and in this day and age we do not use it for survival. However some are more psychically aware than others so are able to sense these entities on the Astral Planes. I might add it is the Astral Plane that Psychics use as it is a lower vibration that the ones used by Medium's when they communicate with loved ones in spirit.

Unfortunately when you are developed or starting to develop this psychic ability, it's almost as if you have a beacon above your head and these lower entities can detect who can see them, so they get up to mischief and have what is fun to them, hence the activity and experiences. Firstly no being, no spirit can ever possess you, this is a myth put about by various religious orders, that is simply nonsense, your spirit and your spirit only is the only one who can inhabit your body, however if you brainwash people into believing this, mass hysteria will prevail, it just cannot happen I assure you, only you are in control of your body. These entities can maybe give you a fright, but only if you let them, they cannot harm you in anyway, you are in total control at all times.

So what can you do about these experiences, well you have a choice, we all do for remember no matter for whatever reason we came to earth to experience we also have free will. So we can choose to develop our experiences and many latent Mediums start off in this way, some don't progress this far but do develop their psychic abilities, or we can suppress and ignore these abilities, we all have free will. If you wish to develop your ability, then its best to find a good development group and many of these groups can be found in Spiritualist Churches, many others can be found under the guidance of an experienced Medium. If you do not want to take this ability any further that is fine also, but if you do not want these experiences and disturbances, then you need to refrain from reading and dabbling in psychic subjects and if you do get disturbed you have to show no fear when these experiences happen. If this doesn't work then simple table salt sprinkled in the corners of rooms, should be enough to chase them away.

Supposing you will to follow the development path, well remember Universal Laws, there is good and bad, there is a continual balancing of the Universe and Like attracts like, the more spiritual you become the less likely you are to be bothered in this way, if you have good and pure thoughts and don't dwell on the lower side of life, you wont attract this type of energy. At some point all developing Mediums will be shown the dark side, it's a right of passage and I defy any Medium to say they haven't experienced this. In order to understand good, you need to understand the bad, so you can deal with it. How do we deal with the negative and bad we do this through strength of mind for to chase away the bad we need to do so with conviction. We develop strength of mind through the art of Meditation. You will find the better we become in meditating the stronger our minds become, so we are able to turn on and off psychic and mediumistic abilities. We need to be able to do this so we can deal with these entities and communicate more effectively with the world of spirit and also it's very exhausting being tuned in all the time, it uses a great deal of energy up. We also need to learn to protect ourselves from negative energy as this can be terribly exhausting too and you don't need to be a psychic or medium to benefit from this. How many of you have a friend or associate who comes and tells you all their troubles, they make you feel low and tired, of course they go away feeling great, they've off loaded all their negativity onto you. Simple exercises, simply by using visualisation can make the world of a difference when dealing with these negative people and protect us when entering negative surroundings.

One of the simplest protection visualisation exercises is to simply visualise you surround yourself in either golden or silver light, like stepping into a sphere or egg shape and you seal it completely. Next time you feel vulnerable or know you are meeting negative people try this exercise and see how it makes a difference.




In a previous article I mentioned the Chrakras, the word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit meaning spinning wheel. The Chakras are energy centres and there are seven major and many minor ones, they are a link between the physical body and the subtle bodies or Aura. Their function is to channel Universal Energy (life force) from the Cosmos, where it is stored and assimilated by the body. Each Chakra in your spinal column is believed to influence or even govern bodily functions near its region of the spine. They cannot be seen however some Psychics have the ability to see them and are well documented in the traditions of the Far East.

The 7 major Chakras

Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and its function is understanding. It's colour is violet and a corresponding crystal is Amethyst. It governs the pituitary gland, Cerebrum and surrounding tissues
Brow Chakra is located in the centre of the forehead just above the eyebrows. It's colour is indigo and crystal Iolite. It's function promotes thought and helps Psychic abilities. It governs the pineal gland and surrounding structures
Throat Chakra is located in the throat and functions are communication and creativity. It's colour is blue and crystal Sodalite. It governs the Thyroid and Parathyroids, communication area in the brain and surrounding structures.
Heart Chakra is located in the centre of the chest and functions are love and compassion. It's colour is green/pink so crystals such as Rose Quartz and Aventurine. It governs the Thymus and the heart and circulation.
Solar Plexus is located just above the navel, its function is will power, joy and anger, its colour is yellow and crystal Citrine. It governs the Pancreas and surrounding structures
Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen and its functions are desire sexuality, pleasure and governs the genitals and surrounding tissues. It's colour is orange and crystal Carnelian.
Base Chakra is located at the base of the spine and its functions are grounding and survival and the surrounding tissues. It's colour is red and crystals associated are Ruby or Haematite

I will say and agree that there are many charlatans in my profession but equally there are many excellent psychic mediums too. However before you start to criticise us, you need to have a basic understanding of how the laws of the Universe work and also many so called Psychics will jump down my throat when I say this, "It's impossible to foretell the future". The genuine psychics and mediums amongst us will understand this, but let me explain.

We are all subject in life and after death to the laws of the Universe, namely there is cause and effect, every thought and deed we have and do will cause ripples of energy and effect others. One you will know well as 'Karma' i.e. you are accountable for all your actions and what you give out you will get back tenfold, us Spiritualists know this as 'Compensation and retribution for all souls'. To put it even simpler, if you bear bad thoughts and actions towards others you will have to pay for it either in this lifetime or in another but positively if you do good deeds and think positively for others you will be rewarded. Positive thoughts and deeds attract positivity and likewise negativity attracts negativity. This is known as the 'law of attraction'.

How this transpires is whilst we are in spirit before we incarnate, we know our faults and failings and WE choose to work on those to make our souls purer, so we choose experiences and challenges some of which is to payback for what we have done before. We also through every lifetime wish to experience all aspects of life, the good and the bad to enrich our souls and the older our soul the tougher the challenges these tend to be. But think about this, if we knew what was ahead of us in our lifetime, especially the not so good, would we wish to go through with it? probably not, so our memory is wiped from our 'physical mind' our souls however retain this memory and this can be explained as our 'higher self or intuition'. Life is not easy on Earth it was never intended to be for Earth is our classroom and we are all incarnated on Earth to learn and grow. We thus have this soul memory of what we need do, but the Universe and spirit want us to learn from our mistakes, they want us to choose for ourselves to learn willingly so they give us 'Free will'.

Now what has all this got to do with Psychics and Mediums? it is the 'Free will' that complicates readings, we can see your soul path, we are sensitive enough to attune to your souls, but we have no control over your 'Free will'. Sometimes our guides and helpers will only give some information and not the desperate information you long for, this is because, either there is a soul challenge for you or another party involved. So can you see how it is impossible to be 100% accurate. Guides will only give some information if it will not impinge YOUR chosen destiny. Our personal guides and helpers and loved ones in spirit want to help us get through those challenges, so they will help us meet like minded souls to help us along the way. This may be the understanding friend, who has been though these type of experiences themselves who in turn can support you through your soul lesson. Sometimes these people will be here for a few days, the transient or the long standing but rest assured Spirit will never let you fall so far you cannot get up.

One common criticism I see on these forums arise through ignorance, and that is, 'If psychics could tell the future they would know the lottery numbers' after all how many psychics do you know are lottery winners? The answer of course is none, not because we are rubbish psychics but because genuine psychics and mediums are old souls and we are working at becoming purer souls, our challenge is to experience as much as possible and I can guarantee the genuine psychics and mediums amongst us will have had a tough life. This is because we need to have experienced all those awful things so we can be supportive and understanding and be able to show empathy to others.

Only the ignorant, young souls would come out with this. Only the ignorant and young souls would liken psychic mediums to fortune tellers. Indeed Psychic Mediums are NOT fortune tellers we are here to empathise, support and guide YOU through your challenges and sometimes we are given snippets of the future but only if it won't affect your progress. Mediums on the other hand also give 'Survival Evidence' of life after physical death. The future is not written in stone, you make your own destiny, YOU chose it and YOU alone are responsible for it.

Now if there are psychic mediums out there who read this and disagree with what I'm saying, I would question their motives, the word 'Charlatan' comes to mind.
MPB Copyright 2011.


As a working psychic medium I feel I need to yet touch on this subject matter again owing to the forums I see on the internet and the ratings and feed back given to us in the profession.

I forgot to address this query from the last post in depth so doing this now. The following is part of the email in the last post received by me

Quote: Psychics set up telephone hotlines to have you call for a reading and you end up paying hundreds of dollars for it. Psychics will tell you they are here to help, but if they truly wanted to help they would do it for free. Unquote

My explanation: Psychics do this for free, you are paying for their time not their advice, most of the cost of these calls are taken up by the phone companies the lines are rented from and agency overheads, the actual readers only receive a tiny percentage of the fee. Because the psychics time is taken up giving advice, it prevents then working in other occupations and the vast majority of these psychic advisers are highly trained counsellors with professional qualifications. Would you expect to go to a therapist and get this service for free? Oh I admit like any other profession there are poor psychics, some being charlatans however if you go to a reputable agency and there are a few highly respected and reliable ones out there, who take the care to vet and test the psychics and mediums on their books. you wont have any problems. A medium's job is to give you evidence of survival to prove to you the spirit he/she is communicating with is someone you recognise, this is done by describing their appearance, their character, what ailment caused their death, their relationship to you and hopefully their name. We try and find out some facts only be known to the client such as describing a situation around you. 

This takes up a great deal of energy to do this and it takes time and counselling advice is given too. I might add that a good counsellor only makes a client aware of their choices and does not tell the client what to do and listens and empathises with the client. And you want all of this for free?

When entering a debate its essential to firstly get your facts right and give the other you are debating with a chance to challenge your debate as this makes the view unbalanced, bias and prejudiced


This is an Aura photograph taken by a specialised camera. Aura cameras have come a long way since the first Kirlian camera in the 1970's.

The Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds living bodies, this includes people, animals, plants and crystals and is composed of several layers that are constantly moving. For those of us who are lucky enough to see auras here is a photo of one. The colours are influenced by our moods and emotions and by Spirit activity, likewise our moods and emotions will influence how far our aura expands e.g. when we are happy our aura expands and when we are depressed it shrinks in on itself. Other shapes and bubbles within the aura are common. It is on the aura that psychics base their readings for the past, present and future is contained within it.



I was born being able to see the Aura and I can now switch it on and off, which is just as well really but in this exercise I am going to try and explain how you can see this for yourself. When you begin to be able to view the Aura, you generally see the Etheric Body, there are several layers and this layer is closest to the physical body and is a complete blueprint of your physical body. If you have had organs or limbs removed they will still be present in your Etheric Body.
You will need at least one other person to do this exercise, they can be standing or sitting it doesn't matter however you will need to get them to stand or sit in front of a plain coloured wall. Some people prefer a light coloured wall others a dark, it's what works best for you and you can try both.
With your partner placed in front of the wall and it doesn't matter if they are facing you or facing away open your eyes wide, now its a bit difficult to describe but you have to allow your eyes to go floppy and to let your vision relax as if day dreaming and out of focus, but here is the tricky part. You stare at your partner until it gets uncomfortable and just before you have to blink you will get a perfect view of the Etheric body. Now this layer has a distinctive beautiful colour that radiates from the physical. I wont lead you on and tell you what colour it is as I want you to see this for yourself. After you have practised this a few times you will be able to view this layer a lot easier.
You can leave me a comment below what you actually view. It's not just humans who have an Aura but all animals and plants do too as do crystals who have some of the most beautiful. The illustration here will give you a rough idea how far this layer emulates from the body

" Life has many lessons, a lot of them we do not understand at the time we face them, but they all have a purpose. These lessons are only to help us grow and get stronger. Never stress over things that come up in life that are out of your control. Just know there is victory in the end. If you learn the lesson the first time, you will not have to repeat it over and over again."

" Life has many lessons, a lot of them we do not understand at the time we face them, but they all have a purpose. These lessons are only to help us grow and get stronger. Never stress over things that come up in life that are out of your control. Just know there is victory in the end. If you learn the lesson the first time, you will not have to repeat it over and over again."


" There will always be times of adversity when we shall be tested and brought to the brink of despair and fear. At times like these, we may be tempted to forgo the ideals and principles that we hold dear. Yet, it is precisely at times like these that we must hold on to those ideals and principles tighter than ever. Ideals and principles are meant to be honoured because they are ideals and principles, and it is during the darkness of despair that we look to our ideals and principles as beacons of hope during our voyage across the stormy seas of challenge and adversity."

This is so true we only realise how far we have come when we look back on our lives, then and only then do we see the bigger picture for at the time we cannot see the wood for the trees. It's only we we have come through adversity that we realise just how strong we have become. This is not designed to make us hardened in life but to enable us to support and give strength and comfort to those around us, whom who's paths we inadvertently come across, to be able to show empathy and understanding.

Never forget we will always meet others on our paths who are there to help us. When the days are long and dark and our struggles seem endless, we will never be alone to face pain and adversity. The Universe is kind.

Sometimes we need to be taken so low, but this is for our growth, but you will never be taken so low you cannot rise. Have faith, trust and the strength and support we need will be there always



Sometimes when Mediums are relaying messages from spirit they receive what is best described as spirit shorthand. If you have had a reading from a Medium they may mention they have seen a bird, or a black cat etc. This does not mean you have a guide who is a bird or a cat or even the spirits are of deceased pets. For example when I am asked to give a time frame for something that is coming up in the person's life I am reading for, I am often presented with a blackbird sitting in a beech tree. If the black bird is singing and the leaves are newly opened I know, spirit are trying to convey to me it's Spring as the blackbird only sings from March till June, as in the case of the sign I may have if the tree has rich green leaves and the blackbird is not singing, I will know spirit are trying to convey to me it's summer. Likewise if I am given a picture of a blackbird is sitting on the tree and the leaves are falling etc. I will know, they mean Autumn. For some Mediums seeing a symbol of a bird can mean news is coming our way, every Medium is different and we all have our own shorthand of symbols.

Why this is? well spirit vibrations are very fast and they communicate with me in a variety of fashions, every spirit communicator is different like every personality on earth. The voice I hear can come in very fast so it's often reinforced with spirit shorthand to aid communication. Sometimes a whole communication is entirely made up of symbols in this way other times its completely auditory others are entirely visual with spirit actually signing or holding up a blackboard or by pointing at their body to convey what they passed with. Other times its completely by feeling but mostly they communicate by a mixture of everything.

The symbols and shorthand we develop is an entirely individual thing, no one Medium will have the same, don't ask me how I know which symbol means what, I just know and likewise for the developing Medium they too will develop their own understood form of spirit shorthand. Spirit will make use of all of the Medium's senses to convey a message to loved ones on earth, all the Medium has to do, is just trust  what they are getting and allow their own intuition to guide them.


What is Dowsing?

It is the ability to use our natural sensitivity our intuition , which we all possess, that enables us to know things, to locate things which we cannot know or do by using our conscious mind, or by learning, or by experience, or by using the five physical senses which we are born with in effect it enables us to tap into our sixth sense our intuition, our inherent psychic ability we all possess. Dowsing enables us to locate anything in the world without having to travel there. Distance, depth, height, date, location don't seem to make any difference

How Does it Work?

The short answer is that no-one really knows – it just does!. There is very little in the physical world which cannot be found by dowsing and there are many answers we can find out by dowsing with practice

It can help locate

  • Water: The location of underground streams at any depth, water pipes etc
  • Minerals – Precious Stones: Their location and depth
  • Oil – Gas: The location of oil deposits under the land or the sea and the depth below the surface and an estimate of the quantity and the quality, also the porosity of the rock strata in which it lays.
  • Archaeology: The location of unknown sites where nothing shows on the surface of the ground.
  • The location of sunken ships and submarines:
  • Building Sites: Examination for all purposes, the water runs underneath them, rock state, soil state, rock faults, old wells, cavities, cellars, drains, sewers, cables and pipes and so on – especially if it is intended to build on that site.
  • Location of pipes, cables and drains: The line of the run, depth, location of fractured pipes, broken cables, leaks and blockages. It is particularly to farmers for searching for old or lost field drains and tracing water supplies from farm to field and field to field for animal drinking troughs and so on.
  • Location of tunnels, caves, lost mine workings: The demarcation, size and depth of them and flooding.
  • Lost articles: Valuables, car keys, rings, brooches, purses, wallets to name but a few.
  • Missing people: This is one of the most difficult tasks owing to the difficulty of identification and should be undertaken with care and careful preparation – bear in mind that some people deliberately ‘disappear’ for their own personal reasons and have no wish to be found.
  • Tracking lost animals or children or perhaps someone elderly and confused in areas of ,say, woodland:
  • Medical: A number of qualified doctors and others are increasingly using dowsing techniques to assist in diagnosis and the selection of remedies.
  • Animals: Pendulum dowsing can be used to locate health problems in animals and help in the selection of remedies. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons accepts this course of action providing the services of a vet are called for if it is considered that the animal needs professional help.

What do I need to be able to dowse?

The pendulum: This is a simple weight on the end of a piece of cord or light chain, a key on the end of a bit of cord to a ring or a crystal. I use a piece of hazel twig for indoor working and a heavier crystal for out doors, simply because you need something that will be heavy enough not to be blown around by the wind. The pendulum is the most versatile tool for use in ‘map dowsing’ and straight question and answer type of dowsing. Before asking a question when dowsing double check but asking a question you know the answer to. e.g. ask the pendulum to give you a yes and it will swing in a particular way with me it is clockwise and and I also ask an obvious question is my name and give your name, this way you are checking the direction of the answer. For me no it swings anti clockwise and if its not a suitable time to ask or if the question is not understood it will swing backwards and forwards

Angle rods: The easiest and simplest of all tools to use. They are just lengths of wire bent at right angles and can be made quite easily from old metal coat-hangers,  and cut them so that the top is about 9 to 12 inches long and from the angle towards the hook for hanging, about 4 to 5 inches long, then, having cut it, bend the angle to 90 degrees. The short length is held in the hand as the handle

Wands: These are just springy lengths of thin branch about 36 inches long and are ideal for dowsing up a wall, for example following the path of an old chimney – these tend to meander up the walls of old houses. A modern materials are taking over and the usual wand is a 36 inch length of fairly thin plastic.

When you dowse focus on the object you are trying to locate and don't tense up keep relaxed so as you don't interfere consciously with the tool you are using. When you are trying to locate something you have lost in your home make a list of questions that can be answered by yes or no. and go through the list methodically e.g. is my lost ring in the bedroom, is it in the living room until you narrow it down, when you have double checked this answer break it down further divide the room into sections and again ask the questions is it in this quarter of the room until you have narrowed it to enable a through search of the area. Like all skills it needs practise.


Scrying is a practice that involves seeing things psychically in an object usually for purposes of obtaining spiritual visions and less often for purposes of divination. The most common objects used are reflective, translucent, or luminescent substances such as crystals, stones, glass, mirrors, water, fire, or smoke. Scrying has been used in many cultures as a means of divining the past, present, or future. Depending on the culture and practice, the visions that come when one stares into the objects are thought to come from God, spirits, the psychic or the subconscious.

Although scrying is most commonly done with a crystal ball, it may also be performed using any smooth surface, such as a bowl of liquid, a pond, or a crystal. When I am reading tarot I use a combination method for divining the cards, I am aware of the basic meanings of each card but I take this on to a much deeper level by scrying the illustrations on the cards themselves. In actual fact Scrying doesn't just stop at water, glass, smoke etc. tea leaves, coffee grounds, sand ,candle flames and a fire even the clouds can be used.

Scrying has be used by many cultures and belief systems and is not limited to one tradition or ideology, like other aspects of divination and parapsychology, scrying is not supported by mainstream science as a method of predicting the future or otherwise seeing events that are not physically observable.

The visions that scryers say they see may come from variations in the object used. If the object used is water (hydromancy), then the visions may come from the colour, ebb and flow, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool. If the object used is a crystal ball, the visions may come from the tiny scratches, marks, faults, or the cloudy glow within the ball under low light (e.g., candlelight). One method of scrying using a crystal ball involves a self-induced trance and when in this state it is perceived to be able to tap into our subconscious mind or higher self and be able to key into psychic vibrations and Universal knowledge

One of the most famous scryers in history, lived in the 16th century and was known as Nostradamus. He used a bowl of water or a "magic mirror" to "see" the future in it, while he was in trance.


Many people think you can only use Tarot cards for readings, not so you can use ordinary playing cards however you will need to have meanings for the different cards and indeed regular playing cards are descended from Tarot. Most people who use playing cards for readings tend to give them the same meanings as the Tarot. There are many decks you can use from Irish Fairy cards to Dolphin and Unicorn cards. Many come with a guide as to how to use them but my advice is to put the book to one side and look at the illustrations on the cards taking in the colours you see and the images are you drawn to some part of the image, does something stand out and to always go with the first words and symbols that come into your head. I have used these Irish Fairy cards myself in my classes with students and they have certainly brought some love and laughter into the readings and classes



PSYCHOMETRY is reading objects and picking up information from the person to whom it belonged or has touched. We all have an electromagnetic around us commonly known as the Aura and within this Aura psychics can pick up vibrations that give information about that person's past, present and future. Every time we touch an object we leave a trace of that information upon it. Obviously the longer the person has touched it the better as more information can be gleamed in this way. The object can be anything from jewellery to clothing it really does not matter. However the more exclusive the object to the person the psychic is trying to gleam information about the better, for if many people have touched it too, the information can become a bit confusing as their can be traces of others aura on it.

Many Mediums will begin readings by psychometry focusing on the person having the reading on the psychic vibration as it helps the Medium connect, once that connection has been made its often easier to then raise the vibration and obtain a spiritual link

MEDITATION 1. (A guided meditation)


When you start to develop psychically it is essential to have good mind control, this is because and if you have read earlier articles by me, you may find yourself being harassed by lower entities and possibly souls who are trapped in the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane is where we go when we are asleep. When you start to open up psychically its akin to having a flashing beacon above your head and these lower entities will home in on you for they know you are inexperienced and will cause mischief. Remember nothing can possess you nor take over your body nor harm you in anyway however they can give you a fright. As you develop stronger you will need to develop mind control in order that you can open up at will psychically  and close down so you are not disturbed and one of the ways we do this is by Meditation and Visualisation.

Before beginning your meditation ask that your guides look after you and protect you.

The following is an example of a routine, you can do this in a group with other like minded souls or you can record yourself reading out the following accompanied by gentle soft music. You will need a comfortable chair one that is upright so that your feet also touch the floor. Your spine should be straight to allow Universal energy through the chakras and both feet need to be firmly on the floor.

" I want you to focus on your breathing take some slow deep breaths, and loosen your shoulders and have your hands loosely placed on your lap. Gently close your eyes. Now breath in slowly through your nose and out via the mouth but make your out breath slower than your in breath do this a few times. Anything that pops into to your head, any worries, don't ignore it but rather acknowledge them and put them to one side all the while focusing on your breathing, slowly in through the nose and ever slower out the mouth. With every breath you take you find your shoulders dropping and you become more and more relaxed. Should anything pop into your head again acknowledge it and come back to focussing on your breathing.

Now I want you to visualise there is a tiny white light just above the crown on your head, it does not matter if you cannot see this, just accept there is and know this is so. Visualise with every breath you take the light becomes brighter and brighter, its a pure bright sparkling light and gradually that light gets bigger and brighter. Now imagine your body is made of glass and from now on every breath you take you breathe in this pure white and sparkling light going all the way from the crown of your head to each toe. The light is pure and cleansing and you become more and more relaxed and at ease. All the while breathing in slowing and allowing the pure white and cleansing light  to fill up your body.

When your body is completely full of this pure white light visualise the light becomes brighter and slowly fills up the room in which you are sitting from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. You are full of bright white light, surrounded in pure white light and feel light and cushioned and wrapped up in white light, you feel relaxed and at ease. Knowing you are protected and loved by spirit. Remember to come back to your breathing should your mind start to wander.

When the room is entirely full of this pure white light imagine you are floating and cushioned and protected by the white light you begin to rise on the chair you are sitting being carried high and higher by this pure white light out through the roof of the building in which you were sitting. Higher and higher you go, protected loved and surrounded by the white light focussing on your breathing rising higher into the sky high above the white clouds you drift allowing the white light to carry you to the most wonderful place of peace and tranquility. You feel relaxed and loved carried by this wonderful light.

Gradually the white light gently takes you to what appears to be a door of the most opulent building, there is a gentle breeze, the door is open and you know it is safe to go inside. You feel totally at ease, it feels like you have come home, there is a certain familiarity about this place. You walk up the three steps slowly and you go inside, the ceiling is high and it is light and airy inside and on the floor are large silk cushions in beautiful colours, colours so bright and so beautiful that you have never seen the like before. You sit down on the cushions, you feel safe, you feel at home.

You then become aware you are not alone three people have come to greet you and are so pleased and joyful to see you at last, they speak softly to you listen to what they say………. I will leave you a few moments to share the knowledge that is given to you……………..


Then all too soon it is time to go, you are given love and a gift, hold on to this gift and treasure it. You now find you are alone the door is now open and as you go through the door and down the three steps, the white light surrounds you completely it is soft and comforting and you feel at peace, deeper and more relaxed than before. You find yourself supported and being carried gently as if flowing on a gentle breeze down through the clouds slowly descending, down through the roof of the building where you once were, still holding on to your gift and what knowledge was given to you.

Soon you find yourself sitting on your chair, your feet are firmly on the floor and the pure white light carries down through your feet as if to grow roots so that your feet are firmly rooted deep in the earth below. The light then starts to fade around you but leaving you at peace and keeping you safe but fading and receding until it is a tiny white light above the crown of your head and then disappears into the heavens.

You are now firmly sitting upon your chair back in the room feet firm on the floor take a slow deep breath open your eyes when your are ready and make sure you have a glass of water stretch and make sure you are grounded."

Thank your guides for this wonderful trip and for keeping you safe and protected and loved



Why do we need psychic protection? well overtime we think and create many thoughts, each becomes a thought form, it is in effect an energy. Think about how many thoughts you have in a day, thousands, some of those are positive and that is great, however some of those are negative and all those thoughts we send out into the cosmos. Now these thoughts being energy can become tangible and manifest. It is by the power of thought healers use for distant healing. Remember energy is power and it can be used for good or evil. We may not realise we are doing this but when you think negatively of someone that energy is going somewhere and its generally to the person concerned. These negative thoughts in time can attack and often the symptoms may be headaches, feeling low, lacking energy.

I'll give you another example how many of you have a friend who comes to visit and likes unburdening their worries and troubles on to you. They feel great for getting all their thoughts of their chest but it often renders you tired and exhausted. This is because they have left all their negative energy on to you.

So what can we do to prevent this? Well we can use the same process, thought, to protect ourselves from negative energy, psychic attack.

These are some of the simple methods below

Strengthening the Aura.

Cleansing with aroma, (any light scent will do that you like) first inhale the scent in cupped hands, then sweep over the body and down to the ground. It is possible to obtain special preparations for this, but any light scented perfume will do, and even better if you particularly like it! 
Cleansing the Chakra's also helps to protect. Imagine that you are surrounded by a bubble of light, and that nothing can penetrate it unless you wish it to! Extend this to family and especially CAR. In difficult situations, crystallize the outside of the bubble for extra protection! Use crystals for protection (double terminators & quartz)

Protective mirrors in bad attacks.

If you know what direction the harm is coming from, place a small mirror in your window facing that direction saying:-
"Mirror bright-mirror clear protect from harm all who bide here"

Instead of the bubble exercise you may use a hooded, floor length cloak or a shield decorated with a protective design of your choice. The shield idea is versatile as you can use a ‘mini shield’ over any area you feel vulnerable, such as your solar plexus.

If you shower in the morning visualise the water flowing through your energy field carrying away any negativity down the plughole with it. If you prefer a bath you may add sea or rock salt to the water- about a cupful- dissolve it well. Salt has long been renowned for its cleansing properties.

Visualise a shower of light running through your aura and dissolving any negativity.

Stay grounded. Visualise roots growing deep down into the Earth from the soles of your feet. Being ‘well grounded’ offers a great deal of protection. Practice your grounding visualisation every morning and whenever you feel ‘spacey’. Carry hematite or another grounding stone with you if necessary.


I have written about Psychic Protection before, but there is often a problem at night for those who are beginning their psychic development journey. You see when you initially open up to the world of the Spirit realms, their are those spirits, who basically think they can have some fun. These spirits inhabit the Astral plane, this is the lowest of the several spiritual relams and its is on this realm that inhabit earth bound spirits, i.e. those who feel they are trapped in a period of limbo, it could possibly be something traumatic that is holding them there, but often or not it is spirit who are denying the light and unwilling to accept good or it is the mischievious 'Lower Elementals' nature spirits. Lower Elementals are purely Earth Spirits i.e nymphs, fairies, elves etc. who like nothing better but to have some wicked fun.

What is important to remember, NOTHING CAN HARM YOU. OK they may give you a good fright but that is all they can do, no spirit, good, bad or indifferent can possess you in anyway, contrary to what folklore would have you believe.

The Universe does operate on a series of laws i.e. 'The law of attraction' where like attracts like and it is this law that is in operation that can cause a few problems. You have to remember we as humans are 'Spirit' in a physical body whilst we are on Earth and we all develop spiritually at different rates. The whole concept of being on Earth is to help us develop spiritually, with each incarnation we grow more spiritually and the older the soul the more experienced and spiritual we become.

To explain we understand more about compassion, empathy and understanding and we become more positive and pure of heart. However for those beginning on their Psychic development journey, those experiences are not as strong and they have not developed so spiritually and more prone to negative thinking coupled with the fact their 'mind discipline' is not so astute and controlled as someone who is more experienced psychically. Therein lies the problem which leads me back to the problem lower elementals and earth bound spirits. Now whilst we are awake we are firmly on earth, earth after all is our classroom, whereby we interact with others to enrich our experiences and learn, compassion, empathy etc. but whilst we are asleep, our spirits travel the Astral Planes, in effect we are allowed home at night to interact with the world of spirit, where we may communicate with our loved ones in spirit etc. It is when we are fully relaxed and asleep our protection is at its weakest for the inexperienced developing psychic so they may become the victim of the mischievous lower elementals and earth bound spirits. Now couple this with the 'Law of attraction' and you attract your current type of energy, ie. if you are a negative thinker, you will attract this type of spirit and likewise if you are a positive thinker you will attract a positive energy form.

So what can be done to get rid of these nightly problems? We firstly remember NOTHING CAN HARM YOU NOR POSSESS YOU and they will only frighten you if you allow them to do so. Easier said than done but the key here is MIND DISCIPLINE and we do this in development class through visualisation and meditatation, so we develop a strong mind and will power, this is the basis of Psychic Protection ~ the strength of will.

One of the easiest exercises is to surround yourself in a sealed golden bubble of light, this is done through visualisation and it can be found on my blog here another is asking the Angels to come forward to surround and protect you, but these visualistions have to be focused and concentrated when doing so, practice like most things makes perfect. Really if whatever energy it is all you need do is to say go to the light but you must say it with conviction so it knows you mean it and you don't have to shout it out loud either, simply say it in your mind. If all else fails then their is the salt method and this requires you to put a pinch of salt in every corner of the room and a light sprinkling across the door threshold and window sill, the energy wont cross this as salt is protective. The key to any type or variation of psychic protection is to mean and believe it and those nightly visitations will disappear.

The whole basis of psychic development is to be able to turn it off and on when YOU WANT IT and not when the spirit realms want it.



Now the article below my post here is from the Daily Mail but I want to recall my own experiences as a Medium. In Spiritualist's beliefs we believe both humans and animals have their own soul groups and we all begin as lower life forms gradually with each incarnation moving up the scale from the lower animal life forms until, more intelligent animals such as horses and elephants etc. until the time comes until the high forms are ready to be incarnated in human form. We then continue reincarnating and growing in human form.

I have many experiences with animal spirits but one very strong memory was when I was teaching. I had a class of mature college students and was in the midst of an anatomy and physiology lesson when the spirit form of a grey stallion with white mane stood next to one of the students. This horse stood very tall and I tried my best to carry on with the lesson but it was very difficult to do so when this horse was trying to attract my attention. To explain when we mediums communicate with animals its not through conventional speaking it's through thoughts and feelings. The students knew about my abilities but I did not talk about such subjects but touched on it in Holistic therapies, such as Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing.

Trying to carry on the lesson this horse conveyed to me about another horse and described its appearance and that it was a brown mare who was very sick. The stallion also conveyed to me how he passed over due to a wound in its leg after he had injured himself on a wire fence. He was a proud beast and quite a character.

I had an overwhelming feeling I should talk to this student about this and spirit always told me never to fear coming forward if I felt the need to. So at break I explained what I had picked up, the student was shocked at first but her family ran stables and indeed they had to put down a grey stallion after its severe injuries. She also told me they hired out horses and ponies to riding clubs and indeed they did have a brown mare of the description given to me but as far as she knew the mare was fine and was hired out to a riding club.

Two days went by and the student excitedly came to find me, the mare had been returned to them indeed very sick, the vet at the riding club didn't know what was wrong and neither did the girl's family's vet, it was obviously a very sick animal. I recalled what the Stallion had conveyed to me but I hadn't told the student how serious the mare was not wishing to alarm her, in actual fact the Stallion had conveyed the mare was to pass over.

One month later we had a fire alarm alert and the college staff and students were all gathered outside, fortunately it was a false alarm but the Stallion appeared standing next to the student, it was a bad feeling and I knew the Stallion had come for the mare to take her spirit to the afterlife. Later on this afternoon the student received a call from her mother to inform her the mare had died.

Now whether you chose to believe this story it is up to you, there were witnesses as I recalled the Stallion right down to where the injury was and how it had happened including the horse's character. I had no idea of this student's background and had no contact with any of her horses, in fact trying to describe their character was difficult and strange to the witnesses how I could communicate with the spirit of a dead horse. This is merely one of the spirit communications I have had with animals.

Animals and the afterlife: The pets who get in touch with their owners long after they've gone to the big field in the sky

We all develop close bonds with our pets over years of feeding, petting and growing up together.
But some bonds seem to be so strong, they carry on into the afterlife.
In Kim Sheridan's book, Animals And The Afterlife, she recounts tales of families who were visited by their pets long after they had passed away...


Animal lover: Kim Sheridan spoke to dozens of communicators to gather stories for her book Animals And The Afterlife
Animal lover: Kim Sheridan spoke to dozens of 'communicators' to gather stories for her book Animals And The Afterlife
George Stone was an animal spirituality sceptic until he saw the ghost of a dog jumping through walls.
He told Sheridan: 'I was once walking down an unlit road at night when I saw a big white dog come across the road. It was jumping as it moved – but in slow motion – and just went through the fence on the other side and on up through a field.
'I watched as it ran, still in slow motion, until I lost sight of it. So yes, I believe animals have spirits as we do.
'I think that every living thing has an afterlife.'


American nursery teacher Debra Tadman's oldest cat, Wiggie, had just died when she first called animal communicator Sharon Callaghan.
'Wiggie and I had a very close relationship and I felt as if I had lost a child. He had seen me through a marriage, divorce, other relationships, three house moves and other life experiences.'
Sharon told Debra Wiggie was concerned about her apartment, because it was a 'toxic place'.
'About a year later I decided to paint the inside of my apartment,' Debra said. 'It was then I found out that the texture contained asbestos. I had to have the entire ceiling removed.'

'When the wood wall panelling that had been exposed to the asbestos was taken down there was mould all over the walls. Then when parts of the wall were removed it was discovered that the aluminium wiring needed to be replaced.

Debra is forever grateful to Wiggie. She said: 'To this day I can’t believe how accurate and true that reading was. There is no way that Sharon could have known this.
'I didn’t even know myself until I started to have some painting done.'
Pet crazy: Kim with her dog, Beau
Pet crazy: Kim playing around with her dog, Beau


Narelle Box, a jeweller in Australia, had also recently had to say goodbye to her 'feline soulmate' of 15 years, Browby, when she went to a spiritual healer to help her grieve.
'The medium did not know that I’d had a cat who had died. When I rang to book the appointment I spoke to her husband. He just gave me an appointment date, a time and the address. He didn’t ask for any details.
'When I arrived on the day of the appointment the medium opened the door and the first thing she said as I walked across the threshold was, "Oh look, there’s a black cat at your feet."
'Those were the first words she said to me and that was the first time we had spoken.
'I looked down and saw nothing... I was speechless but it’s great to know that they are still looking after us and keeping us company.'


Some people are more open to spirits than others. Often some family members can see a pet who has passed on, while others cannot.
Robert and Kathy Simmons' dog, Hobbes, passed away while their son was at university.
When he returned home and was told his pet had died, Moe replied: 'That’s impossible. He was just here and I patted him.'
Strong bond: Some bonds between humans and pets are so strong they carry on into the afterlife
Strong bond: Some bonds between humans and pets are so strong they carry on into the afterlife


Others can feel their pets but cannot see them.
Animal communicator Gail De Sciose told Sheridan: 'People have told me they have actually felt the physical presence of their animals after they have died.
'There was one woman who told me that at times she could feel her cat sitting on her lap purring, even though the cat had passed away.'


Gail De Sciose had another client who had moved into a house where she started seeing a spirit cat.
She said: 'Her own animals saw that spirit animal too and everybody was comfortable with it because the cat had a very nice energy.
'We later found out that this cat had lived in that house 30 years before and that the cat’s owner had also since died.'


Read more: Animals And The Afterlife contains dozens more tales about spiritual appearances
Read more: Animals And The Afterlife contains dozens more tales about spiritual appearances
Barbara Meyers, a qualified grief therapist and animal behavourist told Sheridan her favourite tale about a pet's spirit sticking to the routine it had followed throughout its life.
'For a number of years I had treatment from a chiropractor, Meyers recalled. 'At that time one of the canine members of my family was a white toy poodle called Skila who accompanied me everywhere.
'Whenever we went to the chiropractor, Skila would run down the hallway outside the treatment room then run back and jump into the chiropractor’s arms. He always knew when we’d arrived because he would hear her coming down the hall.
'About six months after Skila died I had a very agitated phone call from the chiropractor who told me he had been in his office working at his desk when he heard something in the hallway. When he looked out of his office door he saw Skila walking down the hall as she had done so many times before.
'It was not a feeling or an image or some kind of shadowy sensation. It was what is known as a solid visitation. He was stunned. He had called not so much to tell me that Skila had visited him but that he thought he was having a breakdown.
'You see I had known him for years and we had talked about many things but he believed all this "stuff", as he would call it, was simply the product of a grief-stricken mind. That day everything changed for him.'
Animals And The Afterlife was written by Kim Sheridan. It is published by Hay House and costs £10.99


Whether its finding objects or been given to you in a reading or meditation, certain objects or symbols convey messages from Spirit


Finding white feathers are Celestial beings (Angels) way of letting you know they are around you. They often appear at times when you need strength to let you know you are not alone and a symbol of hope and conveying you will get through this. (They are said to be from Angel wings)


Sometimes finding a crystal is for similar reasons as above. It is also said that we don't own crystals and they go to those who need them. For those of you who can see Auras you should also be able to see that crystals have their own aura too. If you've ever had an Aura photo taken, you will be told to remove any crystals from your person as they will affect the outcome of the photo. Each crystal has a different effect, with blue crystals, such as turquoise affecting the throat chakra and thus communication, so if you are planning on giving a speech for example carrying or wearing a turquoise crystal will be beneficial in delivering that speech. Also if intuitively you feel you should pass on a crystal to someone else please do so for this is your 'Higherself' conveying they will benefit from it.


Small birds such as Robins or song Thrushes are often symbolic as good news coming your way. Whether you see one by your window or this particular bird has constantly attracted your attention more than one another, or as a symbol of one found in a tea leaf reading or even given in a reading or meditation the meaning is the same that is: there is good news coming your way.

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I am often asked various questions pertaining to the spirit world and various aspects of the psychic, here are some of them: I will in time feature more questions and answers as this webpage evolves

Q. Is a psychic or medium a fortune teller?
A. It may surprise you to know psychics and mediums are not fortune tellers
Q. Is it possible to forecast the future?
A.Well not 100% and this is because of free will.
Q. What is free will?
A. Free will is YOUR right to decide what you want to do about a situation, it is a choice
Q. How does free will affect a situation?
A. Well before we incarnate as Spirit in a human body, we decide on what experiences and challenges that will benefit our spiritual growth. However we are given the choice (free will) as to whether we go through with the experience or challenge. In effect we are allowed to change or mind.
Q. So are you saying we all know what lies before us?
A. Well in a way we all do. Remember we are 'Spirit' in a human body and your spirit does retain a memory but it is deep in our subconscious. This memory is retained deeply for a reason to help us fulfill our experiences and challenges we ourselves chose. However it is also at this deep level so we are not so aware. If you knew what lay before you would you go through with it? Probably not but we still retain this memory deeply and this reflects in our Aura.
Q. So what is the Aura?
A.The aura is The Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds living bodies, this includes people, animals, plants and crystals and is composed of several layers that are constantly moving. The Aura links us to whats known as Universal energy i.e. that is all the knowledge in the Universe past, present and future. It is on this aura that psychics are able to tap into and access your past, whats going on in the present and the possible future and I say possible specifically if your goal or desire is dependent on other people, for remember every person involved in a situation has free will.