Wet British weather triggers spike in sales of 'mood-boosting' supplements

Sales of a 'mood boosting' supplement have increased drastically because of the terrible British weather, figures suggest.
Torrential downpours in recent weeks have left communities from Devon to Northumberland struggling to cope with flooded homes and businesses.
Now new figures have revealed that sales of a popular herbal remedy for mild depression have soared as a result.
St John's Wort
St John's Wort
Sales of St John's Wort increased by 115 per cent in June this year - the wettest June on record - compared to June 2011.
Schwabe Pharma UK, manufacturer of St John's Wort supplement KarmaMood, said the unseasonabe weather may have led to an increase in the number of cases of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
SAD is thought to be linked to reduced exposure to sunlight and usually affects sufferers during the short days in winter. Those affected experience a low mood and often sleep and eat more.
Oxfordshire GP Dr David Edwards said: 'After an initial burst of sunshine in March people were lulled into a false sense of security that summer was just around the corner.
'However, due to the unseasonably poor weather in May and June people who already have a major problem with depression have been having relapses, and patients at the other end of the spectrum have been attending GP surgeries reporting that they are 'tired all the time'.'
Flooded roads in the York area following torrential downpours on Friday
Flooded roads in the York area following torrential downpours on Friday. Wet weather has caused a spike in supplement sales
Unfortunately it looks like the bad weather is set to continue as the senior forecaster with MeteoGroup said England and Wales were unlikely to see any sunny weather during the next 10 days.
'There will be heavy downpours tomorrow and Thursday, particularly across England and Wales,' he said.
Should it rain this Sunday, which is St Swithin's Day, legend has it that it will rain for a further forty days and forty nights. 
But there is one piece of good news - the incessant rain has finally spelled the end of the hosepipe ban.