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The website of Author/Writer and Psychic Medium Astrid Brown. Making the most of 'YOU' i.e. how to achieve well-being and beauty from within ourselves. A truly holistic blog providing information on all aspects of psychic mediumship, spiritualism, philosophy, holistic therapies, nutrition, health, stress, mental health and beauty with a little bit of Wicca for good measure. Feeling and looking good is as much a part of how we feel inside as the outside.

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I am a great believer in Karma, but just what is it? Karma comes from the Sanskrit and ancient Indian Language with the underlying principal that every deed in our lives will affect our future life. For example, if we treat others badly during our lifetime we will have negative experiences later on in that lifetime or in future lifetimes. Likewise, if we treat others well we will be rewarded by positive experiences.

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Wednesday 4 May 2011


The teenage years are important years for storing nutrients to see women through old age. It's extremely important to build up enough Calcium to prevent osteoporosis later on in life. Poor nutrition can also cause problems with fertility and whats the point of starving yourself of nutrients to find your hair has fallen out and you have bad skin and bleeding gums and boils because you are anaemic. Not to mention lethargy.

Rather than have regular exercise, which will burn up excess calories and tone muscles and give a glow to the complexion many teenage girls would rather starve themselves or go on their version of a calorie reducing diet. What they fail to realise is they are storing up trouble for themselves later on, when it will be too late.

Something else I have noticed is that diet and nutrition part of home economics is no longer given much attention in schools. Where is this education going to come from? Many of their parents both work and rely on processed convenience foods, and they have no idea if their daughters have skipped lunch at school. Education is the key and it should be the parents to instill in their daughters not just a balanced diet and regular exercise but to explain why this is important. That this is their insurance policy for their fertile years and later life.

Size zero diets 'ruining girls' health' warns watchdog over teenagers copying celebrity role models

Teenage girls are wrecking their health with 'size zero' diets, according to an official report.
They are shunning protein and dairy foods in an apparent effort to keep as thin as their celebrity role models.
The study found that 46 per cent of teenage girls consume too little iron, putting them at risk of anaemia and the associated tiredness and lethargy.
Teen girl squeezing waist
Kate Moss
Teenage girls, image on left posed by model, are shunning protein and dairy foods in an apparent effort to keep as thin as celebrity role models, such as Kate Moss
The diets of a similar percentage are also low in magnesium and selenium, lack of which can lead to insomnia, severe headaches and mood swings.
Only 7 per cent of girls are eating the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

And the great majority are failing to consume enough oily fish, which contains the omega 3 necessary for a healthy heart and nervous system.

The report from the Food Standards Agency also found that teenage girls were significantly more likely to smoke and drink than boys their age.
Alison Tedstone, the agency's nutrition expert, said: 'Teenage girls are one of the groups in the population that stand out as having a poor diet.
'Teenage girls, particularly, don't eat enough. For example, they don't have very much dairy. We are talking about a poor quality of diet overall.
'Everyone recognises this is a group that needs to do better.'
Worryingly, more than a third of teenage girls were found to be overweight and a fifth are obese.
Dr Tedstone said this was true of adults too: 'Huge proportions of the population remain overweight or obese. The figures haven't changed.
'There isn't a golden bullet out there for changing diets, you need to do a whole range of things.That's what the Government has been doing, but we recognise it is a long haul.'
Twelve per cent of girls aged 13 to 15 reported drinking at least once a week - three times the level for boys of the same age.
And 29 per cent said they had smoked at some point, compared with 16 per cent of boys.
Janet Treasure, an eating disorders expert, said a 'size zero' obsession could be leading young girls to swing between starvation diets and junk food binges.
She said the fashion industry's obsession with catwalk thinness left models at high risk of eating disorders yet millions felt inspired to try to copy them.
Professor Treasure, who is based at King's College London, said: 'Controlling weight and shape has become a moral imperative for many young girls. It is almost a sign of goodness to be slim.
'The brain is undergoing a great phase of development from 12 to 25 and it needs a proper balance of oils and nutrients.
'If you impair that critical phase, moods become less regulated, you have more difficulty understanding other people and you become less flexible in your thinking.
'There is a risk of getting into a starve and binge routine which is very unhealthy and has been rapidly increasing in recent generations.'
Supermodel Kate Moss caused outrage last year by saying 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels'.
And there was uproar in 2006 when Uruguayan model Luisel Ramos died from heart failure caused by anorexia.
She reportedly followed a diet of lettuce and Diet Coke in the three months before her death.
Tam Fry, chairman of the Child Growth Foundation, said: 'The poor diet of teenage girls is a hugely serious crisis.
'We need girls to eat properly in order that they are prepared for motherhood.'
The FSA's national diet and nutrition survey found that the national diet had not improved despite a decade of Government campaigns on healthy eating.
The researchers found that more than a quarter of men and one in seven women were regularly drinking twice the maximum recommended amount of alcohol.
And only around a third of adults were following the five a day rule.
Teenage girls are eating twice the amount of sweets, chocolates and sugary drinks that their mothers had consumed when young.

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I am often asked various questions pertaining to the spirit world and various aspects of the psychic, here are some of them: I will in time feature more questions and answers as this webpage evolves

Q. Is a psychic or medium a fortune teller?
A. It may surprise you to know psychics and mediums are not fortune tellers
Q. Is it possible to forecast the future?
A.Well not 100% and this is because of free will.
Q. What is free will?
A. Free will is YOUR right to decide what you want to do about a situation, it is a choice
Q. How does free will affect a situation?
A. Well before we incarnate as Spirit in a human body, we decide on what experiences and challenges that will benefit our spiritual growth. However we are given the choice (free will) as to whether we go through with the experience or challenge. In effect we are allowed to change or mind.
Q. So are you saying we all know what lies before us?
A. Well in a way we all do. Remember we are 'Spirit' in a human body and your spirit does retain a memory but it is deep in our subconscious. This memory is retained deeply for a reason to help us fulfill our experiences and challenges we ourselves chose. However it is also at this deep level so we are not so aware. If you knew what lay before you would you go through with it? Probably not but we still retain this memory deeply and this reflects in our Aura.
Q. So what is the Aura?
A.The aura is The Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds living bodies, this includes people, animals, plants and crystals and is composed of several layers that are constantly moving. The Aura links us to whats known as Universal energy i.e. that is all the knowledge in the Universe past, present and future. It is on this aura that psychics are able to tap into and access your past, whats going on in the present and the possible future and I say possible specifically if your goal or desire is dependent on other people, for remember every person involved in a situation has free will.