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The website of Author/Writer and Psychic Medium Astrid Brown. Making the most of 'YOU' i.e. how to achieve well-being and beauty from within ourselves. A truly holistic blog providing information on all aspects of psychic mediumship, spiritualism, philosophy, holistic therapies, nutrition, health, stress, mental health and beauty with a little bit of Wicca for good measure. Feeling and looking good is as much a part of how we feel inside as the outside.

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I am a great believer in Karma, but just what is it? Karma comes from the Sanskrit and ancient Indian Language with the underlying principal that every deed in our lives will affect our future life. For example, if we treat others badly during our lifetime we will have negative experiences later on in that lifetime or in future lifetimes. Likewise, if we treat others well we will be rewarded by positive experiences.

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Saturday, 19 March 2011



Was something traditionally carried out by women, it was something practiced by my beloved grandmother herself a spiritualist Medium.

To do this you will need a wide cup and saucer and loose tea, tea bags are no use what so ever, or coarse ground coffee and do not strain the tea/coffee when pouring it into the cup.

Before even drinking the tea/coffee you can begin the reading, bubbles on the surface after pouring suggests money is on the way, if any tea leaves are floating on the surface, then visitors are imminent. The number of leaves shows how many days away they are, if two teaspoons are accidently placed on a saucer, then you can expect news of twins soon.

After you have drunk the tea/coffee as much as you can without drinking the leaves/grounds tip the cup upside down on to the saucer and turn round three times clockwise, then up turn and you are ready to begin the reading.

Look at the arrangement of the leaves look for patterns and images, are the scattered fewly suggesting a tidy ordered life or are there lots suggesting a rich and busy life.

Hold the cup so the handle faces the questioner and this represents the questioner and their home how far the leaves are away from the handle represents how far the symbols are away from the questioner. Leaves that lie to the rim of the cup represent recent events and leaves that lie close to the bottom of the cup represent the distant past and leaves on the bottom represent misfortune. Leaves that lie to the right of the handle indicate the future, and leaves to the left of the handle indicate the past. The further away the leaves lie from the handle, the further away the events are in either time or even physical distance.

Look inside the cup what are your first impressions. Any distinct drops of tea or coffee that remain in the cup despite the swirling and emptying of the cup, represent tears. A very large clump of tea leaves indicates trouble. Near the handle - trouble caused by your own making. Opposite the handle - the trouble is not your fault.Tea-stalks indicate people. Long stalks indicate men. Shorter stalks indicate women. Pale or dark stalks indicate colouring. Slanted stalks indicate untrustworthy people.


  • Abbey Freedom from worry.
  • Ace of Clubs A letter.
  • Ace of Diamonds A present.
  • Ace of Hearts Happiness.
  • Ace of Spades A large building.
  • Acorn Success At top of cup - Financial success. Middle of cup - Good health. Near bottom of cup - Improvement in health or finances.
  • Aircraft Sudden journey, not without risk. Possible diappointment. If broken indicates an accident.
  • Alligator Treachery, an accident.
  • Anchor Top of cup - success in business and romance. Middle of cup - prosperous voyage. Near bottom of cup - social success. Obsured - anticipate difficulties.
  • Angel Good news.
  • Ankle Instability.
  • Ant Success through perseverance.
  • Anvil Conscientious effort.
  • Apple Business achievement.
  • Arc Ill health, accidents.
  • Arch Journey abroad, a wedding.
  • Arrow Bad news.
  • Axe Difficulites and troubles that will be overcome. 

  • Baby A series of small worries.
  • Bag A trap ahead. If open - you can escape; if closed - you will be trapped.
  • Bagpipes Disappointment.
  • Ball A person connected with sport, or variable fortunes in your life.
  • Balloon Short-term troubles.
  • Barrel A party.
  • Basin Trouble at home. If broken - serious trouble.
  • Basket If empty - money worries. If full - a present. If near the handle of cup - a baby. If near the top of cup - possessions. If full of flowers - social success. Surrounded by dots - unexpected money coming your way.

  • Bat False friends, a journey ending in disappointment.
  • Bath Disappointment.
  • Bayonet A minor accident, a spiteful remark.
  • Beans Poverty.
  • Bear Facing handle of cup - irrational decisions cause difficulties. Facing away from handle of cup - a journey.
  • Bed Inertia.
  • Bee Social success, good news. Near handle of cup - friends gathering. Swarm of bees - success with an audience.
  • Beehive Prosperity.
  • Beetle Scandal, a difficult undertaking.
  • Bell Unexpected news. Near top of cup - promotion. Near bottom of cup - sad news. Two bells - joy. Several bells - a wedding.
  • Bellows Plans will meet with setbacks.
  • Bird Good news.
  • Birdcage Obstacles, quarrels.
  • Bird's nest Domestic harmoney, love.
  • Bishop Good luck coming.
  • Boat Visit from a friend, a safe refuge.
  • Book Open - expect legal actions, future success. Closed - delays, difficult studies.
  • Boomerang Treachery, envy.
  • Boot Achievement, protection from pain. Pointing away from handle of cup - dismissal. Broken - failure.
  • Bottle One bottle - pleasure. Several bottles - illness.
  • Bouquet Love and happiness.
  • Bow (Bow and Arrow) Scandal, gossip.
  • Box Open - romantic troubles solved. Closed - the lost will be found.
  • Bracelet Impending marriage.
  • Branch With leaves - a birth. Without leaves - a disappointment.
  • Bread Avoid waste.
  • Bridge An opportunity for success.
  • Broom small worries disappear, a false friend.
  • Buckle Disappointments ahead.
  • Bugle Hard work necessary.
  • Building A move.
  • Bull Quarrels, enmity.
  • Buoy Keep hoping.
  • Bush New friends, fresh opportunities.
  • Butterfly Frivolity, fickleness. Surrounded by dots - frittering away money.


  • Cab A disappointment.
  • Cabbage Jealousy causes complications at work.
  • Cage A proposal.
  • Camel Useful news.
  • Candle Help form others, pursuit of knowledge.
  • Cannon News of a soldier or a government employee.
  • Cap Trouble ahead - be careful.
  • Car Good fortune.
  • Cart Success in business.
  • Castle Financial gain through marriage, a strong character rising to prominence.
  • Cat A quarrel, treachery, a false friend.
  • Cattle Prosperity.
  • Chain An engagement or wedding.
  • Chair An unexpected guest. Surrounded by dots - financial improvements.
  • Cherries A happy love affair.
  • Chessmen Difficulties ahead.
  • Chimney Hidden risks.
  • Church Ceremony, unexpected money.
  • Cigar New friends.
  • Circle Success, a wedding. With a dot - a baby. With small lines nearby - efforts hampered.
  • Claw A hidden enemy.
  • Clock Avoid delay, think of the future, a recovery from illness.
  • Clouds Trouble ahead. Surrounded by dots - money trouble ahead.
  • Clover Prosperity.
  • Coat A parting, an end of a friendship.
  • Cockatoo Trouble among friends.
  • Coffeepot Slight illness.
  • Coffin Bad news.
  • Coin Repayment of debts.
  • Collar Dependence on others for success and happiness.
  • Column Promotion, success, arrogance.
  • Comb Deceit, a false friend.
  • Comet An unexpected visitor.
  • Compass Travel, a change of job.
  • Corkscrew Curiosity causing trouble.
  • Crab An enemy.
  • Crescent A journey.
  • Cross Sacrifice, trouble, ill health. Within a square - trouble averted. Two crosses - long life. Three crosses - great achievement.
  • Crown Honour, success, a wish coming true, a legacy.
  • Crutches Help from a friend.
  • Cup Reward for effort.
  • Curtain A secret.
  • Cymbal Insincere love.
  • Daffodil Great happiness.
  • Dagger Impetuousness, danger ahead, enemies.
  • Daisy Happiness in love.
  • Dancer Disappointment.
  • Deer A dispute or quarrel.
  • Desk Letter containing good news.
  • Devil Evil influences.
  • Dish Quarrel at home.
  • Dog Good friends. If running - good news, happy meetings. At bottom of cup - friend in trouble.
  • Donkey Be patient and optimstic.
  • Door Strange occurrence.
  • Dot This symbolises the importance of the nearest symbol. Several dots - money.
  • Dove Good fortune.
  • Dragon Unforesen changes, trouble.
  • Drum Scandal, gossip, a new job, arguments.
  • Duck Money coming in.
  • Dustpan Strange news about a friend.
  • Eagle A change for the better.
  • Ear Unexpected news.
  • Earrings Misunderstanding.
  • Easel Artistic success.
  • Egg Prosperity, success - the more eggs the better.
  • Eggcup Danger is passing.
  • Elephant Wisdom, strength, lasting success, a trustworthy friend.
  • Engine News on its way fast.
  • Envelope Good news.
  • Eye Overcoming difficulties, take care.
  • Face One face - a change, setback. Several faces - a party.
  • Fairy Joy and enchantment.
  • Fan Flirtation, indiscretion.
  • Feather Instability, inconsistency, lack of concentration.
  • Feet An important decision.
  • Fence Limitation to activities, minor setbacks, future success.
  • Fender Beware of a person you dislike.
  • Fern Disloyalty, an unfaithful lover.
  • Finger Emphasises the symbol to which it points.
  • Fir Artistic succes. The higher the tree, the better.
  • Fire Achievement, avoid hasty over-reactions.
  • Fireplace Matters related to your home.
  • Fish Good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness.
  • Fist An argument.
  • Flag Danger ahead.
  • Flower Wish coming true.
  • Fly Domestic irritations. The more flies, the more petty problems.
  • Font A birth.
  • Fork A false friend, flattery.
  • Forked Line Decisions to be made.
  • Fountain Future success and happiness.
  • Fox A deceitful friend.
  • Frog Success through a change of home or job, avoid self-importance.
  • Fruit Prosperity.
  • Gallows Social failure, enemies confounded.
  • Garden roller Difficulties ahead.
  • Garland Success, great honour.
  • Gate Opportunity, future happiness.
  • Geese Invitations, unexpected visitors.
  • Giraffe Think before you speak.
  • Glass Integrity.
  • Glove A challenge.
  • Goat Enemies threaten, news about a sailor.
  • Gondola Romance, travel.
  • Gramophone Pleasure.
  • Grapes Happiness.
  • Grasshopper News of a much travelled friend.
  • Greyhound Good fortune.
  • Guitar Happiness in love.
  • Gun Trouble, quarrels.
  • Hammer Overcoming obstacles, ruthlessness, work that is uncongenial.
  • Hand Friendship.
  • Handcuffs Trouble ahead.
  • Hare Timidity, news of a friend.
  • Harp Harmony in love.
  • Hat A new occupation, a change. Bent and broken - failure likely. In bottom of cup - a rival. At side of cup - diplomacy.
  • Hawk Sudden danger, jealousy.
  • Hayrick Think before you act.
  • Head New opportunities.
  • Heart Love and marriage, a trustworthy friend.
  • Heather Good fortune.
  • Hen Domestic bliss.
  • Hill Obstacles, setbacks.
  • Hoe Hard work leading to success.
  • Holly An importance occurrence in the winter.
  • Horn Abundance.
  • Horse Galloping - good news from a lover. Head only - romance.
  • Horseshoe Good luck.
  • Hourglass A decision that must be made.
  • House Security.
  • Iceberg Danger.
  • Initials Usually those of people known to you. If next to a triangle, the initials of strangers.
  • Inkpot A letter.
  • Insect Minor problems soon overcome.
  • Ivy leaf Reliable friend.
  • Jester Party or social gathering. Alternatively - avoid frivolity, be serious.
  • Jewellery A present.
  • Jockey Speculation.
  • Jug Gaining in importance, good health.
  • Kangaroo Domestic harmony.
  • Kettle Minor illness. Near handle of cup - domestic bliss. Near or at bottom of cup - domestic strife.
  • Key New opportunities, doors opening. Crossed keys - success. Two keys near bottom of cup - robbery.
  • Keyhole Beware of idle curiosity.
  • King A powerful ally.
  • Kite Wishes coming true, do not take chances, scandal.
  • Knife Broken relationships. Near handle of cup - divorce. On bottom of cup - lawsuits. Crossed knives - arguments.
  • Ladder Promotion.
  • Lamp Near handle of cup - money. Near rim of cup - celebration. On side of cup - personal loss. On bottom of cup - Postponed social event. Two lamps - two marriages.
  • Leaf Prosperity, good fortune.
  • Leopard News of a journey.
  • Letter News. Near dots - news about money.
  • Lighthouse Trouble threatening, but averted. Success through a friend.
  • Lines Straight and clear - progress, journeys. Wavy - uncertainty, disappointment. Slanting - business failure.
  • Lion Influential friends.
  • Lock Obstacles in your path.
  • Loop Impulsive actions could bring trouble.
  • Man Near handle of cup - a visitor. Clear and distinct - dark-haired visitor. Not well-defined - fair-haired visitor. With arm outstretched - bearing gifts.
  • Map Travel and change. The country it indicates could show a visit to that place, or represent someone from there.
  • Mask Deception.
  • Medal A reward.
  • Mermaid Temptation, an offer that is not what it seems.
  • Mitre Honours.
  • Monkey A flattering mischief-maker.
  • Monster Terror.
  • Monument Lasting happiness.
  • Moon Full - a love affair. First quarter - new projects. last quarter - fortune declining. Obscured - depression. Surrounded by dots - marriage for money.
  • Mountain Obstacle, high ambition.
  • Mouse Theft.
  • Mushroom Growth, setbacks. Near handle of cup - a home in the country.
  • Music Good fortune.
  • Nail Malice, injustice, sharp pain.
  • Necklace Complete - admirers. Broken - the end of a relationship.
  • Needle Admiration.
  • Net Traps for the unwary.
  • Numbers Indicate a timescale, the number of days before an event occurs.
  • Nun Quarantine.
  • Nurse Illness.
  • Nutcrackers Difficulty is passing.
  • Oak Good fortune.
  • Oar A small worry, help in difficulties.
  • Octopus Danger.
  • Opera glasses A quarrel, loss of a friend.
  • Ostrich Travel.
  • Owl Gossip, scandal, failure. At bottom of cup - financial failure. Near handle of cup - domestic failure.
  • Oyster Courtship, acquired riches.
  • Padlock Open - a surprise. Closed - a warning.
  • Palm tree Success, honour, happiness in love.
  • Parachute Escape from danger.
  • Parasol A new lover.
  • Parcel A surprise.
  • Parrot A scandal, a journey.
  • Peacock With tail spread - riches, land. Surrounded by dots - a life of luxury. Next to a ring - a rich marriage.
  • Pear Comfort, financial ease.
  • Pentagon Intellectual balance.
  • Pepperpot A troublesome secret.
  • Pig Material success brings emotional problems.
  • Pigeon Sitting - an improvement in trade. Flying - important news.
  • Pillar Supportive friends.
  • Pipe Thoughts, solution to a problem, keep an open mind.
  • Pistol Danger.
  • Pitchfork Quarrels.
  • Policeman Secret enemy.
  • Pot Service to society.
  • Profile New friend.
  • Pump Generosity.
  • Purse Profit. At bottom of cup - loss.
  • Pyramid Solid success.
  • Question mark Hesitancy, caution.
  • Rabbit Timidity, be brave.
  • Railway Long journey.
  • Rainbow Happiness, prosperity.
  • Rake Be organised.
  • Rat Treachery.
  • Raven Bad news.
  • Razor Quarrels, partings.
  • Reptiles Treacherous friend.
  • Rider Hasty news.
  • Ring Completion. Near top of cup - marriage. Near middle of cup - proposal. Near bottom of cup - long engagement. Complete ring - happy marriage. Broken ring or ring next to cross - broken engagement. Two rings - plans working out
  • Rocks Difficulties.
  • Rose Popularity.
  • Saucepan Anxieties.
  • Saw Interfering outsider.
  • Scales A lawsuit. Balanced scales - justice. Unbalanced scales - injustice.
  • Sceptre Power, authority.
  • Scissors Domestic arguments, separation.
  • Scythe Danger.
  • Shamrock Good luck, wish coming true.
  • Sheep Good fortune.
  • Shell Good news.
  • Ship Successful journey.
  • Shoe A change for the better.
  • Sickle Disappointment in love.
  • Signpost Draws attention to the symbol to which it points.
  • Skeleton Loss of money, ill health.
  • Snake hatred, an enemy.
  • Spade Hard work leads to success, or avoid taking side of cups.
  • Spider Determined and persistent, secretive, money coming.
  • Spoon Generosity.
  • Square A symbol of protection, comfort, peace.
  • Squirrel Prosperity after a hard time.
  • Star Good health, happiness. Five-pointed star - good fortune. Eight-pointed star - accidents, reverses. Seven stars together - grief.
  • Steeple Slight delay, bad luck.
  • Steps An improvement in life.
  • Sun Happiness, success, power.
  • Swallow Decisiveness, unexpected journeys.
  • Swan Smooth progress, contented life.
  • Sword Disappointment, quarrels.
  • Table Social gethering. Surrounded by dots - financial conference.
  • Teapot Committee meeting.
  • Telephone Forgetfulness causes trouble.
  • Telescope Adventure.
  • Tent Travel.
  • Thimble Domestic changes.
  • Toad Beware of flattery.
  • Torch A turn for the better.
  • Tortoise Criticism.
  • Tower Opportunity, disappointment.
  • Tree Changes for the better, ambitions fulfilled. Surrounded by dots - your fortune lies in the country.
  • Triangle Somehing unexpected. Point upward - brings success. Point downward - brings failure.
  • Trident Success at sea.
  • Trunk A long journey, fateful decisions.
  • Umbrella Annoyances, a need for shelter. If open - shelter found. If closed - shelter refused.
  • Unicorn A secret wedding.
  • Urn Wealth, happiness.
  • Vase A friend in need.
  • Vegetables Unhappiness followed by contentment.
  • Violin Egotism.
  • Volcano Emotions out of control.
  • Vulture Loss, theft, an enemy in authority.
  • Wagon A wedding.
  • Walking stick A visitor.
  • Wasp Trouble in love.
  • Waterfall Prosperity.
  • Weather vane A difficulty, indecisiveness.
  • Whale Business success.
  • Wheel Complete - good fortune, earned success. Broken - disappointment. Near rim of cup - unexpected money.
  • Wheelbarrow A meeting with an old friend.
  • Windmill Business success through hard work rather than brilliance.
  • Window Open - good luck through a friend. Closed - disappointment through a friend
  • Wings Messages.
  • Wishbone A wish granted.
  • Wolf Jealousy, selfishness.
  • Woman Pleasure.
  • Worms Scandal.
  • Wreath Happiness ahead.
  • Yacht Pleasure.
  • Yoke Being dominated.
  • Zebra Adventure overseas, an unsettled life.
  • Zeppelin Delays, perseverance necessary.

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I am often asked various questions pertaining to the spirit world and various aspects of the psychic, here are some of them: I will in time feature more questions and answers as this webpage evolves

Q. Is a psychic or medium a fortune teller?
A. It may surprise you to know psychics and mediums are not fortune tellers
Q. Is it possible to forecast the future?
A.Well not 100% and this is because of free will.
Q. What is free will?
A. Free will is YOUR right to decide what you want to do about a situation, it is a choice
Q. How does free will affect a situation?
A. Well before we incarnate as Spirit in a human body, we decide on what experiences and challenges that will benefit our spiritual growth. However we are given the choice (free will) as to whether we go through with the experience or challenge. In effect we are allowed to change or mind.
Q. So are you saying we all know what lies before us?
A. Well in a way we all do. Remember we are 'Spirit' in a human body and your spirit does retain a memory but it is deep in our subconscious. This memory is retained deeply for a reason to help us fulfill our experiences and challenges we ourselves chose. However it is also at this deep level so we are not so aware. If you knew what lay before you would you go through with it? Probably not but we still retain this memory deeply and this reflects in our Aura.
Q. So what is the Aura?
A.The aura is The Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds living bodies, this includes people, animals, plants and crystals and is composed of several layers that are constantly moving. The Aura links us to whats known as Universal energy i.e. that is all the knowledge in the Universe past, present and future. It is on this aura that psychics are able to tap into and access your past, whats going on in the present and the possible future and I say possible specifically if your goal or desire is dependent on other people, for remember every person involved in a situation has free will.