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The website of Author/Writer and Psychic Medium Astrid Brown. Making the most of 'YOU' i.e. how to achieve well-being and beauty from within ourselves. A truly holistic blog providing information on all aspects of psychic mediumship, spiritualism, philosophy, holistic therapies, nutrition, health, stress, mental health and beauty with a little bit of Wicca for good measure. Feeling and looking good is as much a part of how we feel inside as the outside.

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I am a great believer in Karma, but just what is it? Karma comes from the Sanskrit and ancient Indian Language with the underlying principal that every deed in our lives will affect our future life. For example, if we treat others badly during our lifetime we will have negative experiences later on in that lifetime or in future lifetimes. Likewise, if we treat others well we will be rewarded by positive experiences.

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Thursday 31 March 2011


Indeed heartbreak is as bad as physical pain, my clients bear testimony to this and its time doctors took notice how emotional pain is every bit as bad as physical pain. Just because it cannot be seen does not mean it is any the less painful and very often more so

Article taken from Yahoo

Heartbreak as bad as physical pain

Similar areas of the brain affected

Heartbreak as bad as physical pain
© Maxim Malevich - Fotolia.com
Heartbreak and other intense feelings of social rejection "hurt" in the same way as physical pain, a new study shows.
Researchers found that being rejected activates the same region of the brain as physical pain.
"These results give new meaning to the idea that social rejection 'hurts'," said Dr Ethan Kross, a social psychologist at the University of Michigan.
"On the surface, spilling a hot cup of coffee on yourself and thinking about how rejected you feel when you look at the picture of a person that you recently experienced an unwanted break-up with may seem to elicit very different types of pain.
"But this research shows that they may be even more similar than initially thought."
In the study, the researchers recruited 40 people who had split up with their partners against their wishes within the past six months and which left them feeling 'intensely rejected.'
Functional MRI scans of the participants brains were done as the participants completed two tasks - one linked to their feelings of rejection and the other to the sensation of physical pain.
Participants looked at a photos of their ex-partner and were asked to think about how they felt when they split up or others featuring a happy occasion with friends.
For the physical pain task, heat was applied to their forearms with a probe, similar to holding a very hot cup of coffee.
The researchers, from the University of Michigan, found that both emotional and physical pain activated similar areas of the brain.
"We found that powerfully inducing feelings of social rejection activate regions of the brain that are involved in physical pain sensation, which are rarely activated in neuroimaging studies of emotion," Dr Kross said.
"These findings are consistent with the idea that the experience of social rejection, or social loss more generally, may represent a distinct emotional experience that is uniquely associated with physical pain."
The researchers hopes the findings will offer fresh insight into how intense emotional pain can lead to various physical pain symptoms and disorders.
They also pointed out that the findings affirm the wisdom of cultures worldwide that use the same language—words like "hurt" and "pain"—to describe the experience of both physical pain and social rejection.
The findings are published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

It's very clear how emotions do affect the physical body take the Hypothalamus the area deep in our brain which the home of our moods and emotions, when this area is affected (and it maintains homeostasis in the body) then it is bound to affect our physical health eventually. Stresses albeit physical and emotional, the body i.e. the hypothalamus treats them just the same and will therefore instigate the same response alerting the Sympathetic Nervous System to stimulate the vagus nerve to elicit  changes in our digestive system, making us loose our appetite and causing upset, affecting our blood flow, raising our blood pressure by the release of Adrenalin. The Hypothalamus also instigates a chain reaction via the pituitary gland which in turn affects the adrenal glands to produce stress hormones such as Cortisol which has a damaging affect on our immune systems destroying Tlymphotcytes  SEE STRESS AND HEALTH BELOW

Stress and Health

Let's  start at the beginning. What is Stress?  a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances : he's obviously under a lot of stress | [in combination ] stress-related illnesses.
• something that causes such a state : the stresses and strains of public life. The trouble with stress is that it's not a universal level, everyone has their own threshold i.e. what is stressful to one is positively fine and stimulating to another.

We need stress for without it we'd have no motivation to do anything. Imagine this scenario: you've suddenly acquired a vast amount of money on the lottery, riches beyond your wildest dreams. So what's the first thing you do? likelihood you give up your job, people often find their jobs as stressful. You've got enough money so you don't need to work. That makes you feel less stressed, or so you think. Of course you buy the big house, the cars, the boat, designer wardrobe and you party. You really think you have it made. There comes a point though when you can have anything you want, you don't have to work for it, there's no sense of achievement, no goal in sight. You don't have to cook or clean what do you do all day? eventually you will run out of ideas and you will become bored, you will have no motivation to do or achieve anything. Stress is a catch 22 situation if you have no motivation, you become depressed and bored, the days are long that equals stress. So a certain amount of stress is necessary to motivate us and stimulate us and give us a reason to be here and a sense of accomplishment this can be seen simply as this:

Stress = Motivation > Stimulation > Accomplishment = Satisfaction


Well this goes way back to the times when we were developing as humans and in early periods in history. The body's chemistry was designed to protect us with "The fight or flight response". For example man sees a big bear approach what does he do? he either tackles it or he runs off. Nature is very clever and gives us the capacity to do this. However in 2011 we no longer have the bears, wolves, etc. (ok some of you may) like of yesteryear we have different stresses. Your work colleagues or your neighbours may annoy you but you can't fight them, nor can you run away, but you can learn to deal and dissipate your stress levels so that it doesn't impinge on your health.

But firstly we need to deal with the science bit for if we understand the physiology of stress we're half way there to solving the impact stress has on our lives.


Deep within the brain we have an area known as the Hypothalamus (1), its the home of our moods and emotions and a very primitive part of the brain. The Hypothalamus is also the area that maintains equilibrium in our bodies and it maintains and regulates every bit of our body's chemistry. It is the area that controls the Endocrine system, it forms part of the Autonomic Nervous System and part of the Limbic System. It is Hypothalmus  that is the key to managing stress and all its detrimental effects on our mind and body. It is directly through this area that the holistic therapy Aromatherapy works and is managed by other holistic therapies.

 Since the Hypothalamus is the home of moods and emotions anything that affects these will influence the Hypothalamus, thus will have an effect on the body's equilibrium.

Now if we are stressed and modern stressors are not the same as those stressors we had as we were evolving as humans, they still have the same effect resulting in "the fight or flight response"

(1)The Role of the Hypothalamus

The Hypothalamus is the part of the brain that controls the endocrine system.

The Pituitary gland lies beneath the Hypothalamus  and it is this that controls the other endocrine glands.

The Hypothalamus receives information about the Homeostasis (balance) of the body, this is achieved by two means:

  • The blood circulation i.e. temperature, blood glucose levels and hormone levels
  • The nervous system i.e. The Autonomic Nervous system i.e. the part of the nervous system that regulates automatic functions e.g. breathing, heart rate etc. and mental and emotional states, our feelings: these influence ‘automatic responses’ e.g. ‘The fear, flight response’

The Hypothalamus responds to these changes by:

  • Secreting Hormones (chemical messengers) that regulate hormones to be released by the anterior lobe of the pituitary
  • The hypothalamus also directly releases hormones via the Posterior Lobe of the Pituitary , Vasopressin (ADH) and Oxytocin
  • And by stimulating a nerve response to the ‘Central Nervous System’ (Brain & spinal Cord)


Moods/emotions affect the hypothalamus, the hypothalamus evokes a reaction on the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland produces Adrenocorticotropic hormone this in turn targets the adrenal glands causing them to secrete Cortisone, Cortisone in turn effects the kidneys causing a rise in blood pressure by causing changes in the amount of salt secreted, this hormone causes the body to retain salt. Now remember the Hypothalamus one of its jobs is to maintain the body's equilibrium, it detects a rise in salt levels in the blood so to keep balance it causes the body to retain fluid, it is this retained fluid that increases blood pressure. At the same time, the Hypothalamus being part of the Central Nervous System evokes what is known as the Sympathetic Nervous System this diverts blood away from the digestive system and to lesser important body structures such as the skin and concentrates the blood to the heart, lungs and muscles. Simultaneously this nervous response influences the adrenal glands to produce Adrenalin and Noradrenalin, it is these hormones that induces vasoconstriction (reduces the blood supply) to the skin and peripheral tissues, thus also raising blood pressure.

Now this is putting it simply there are a few other processes also going on to increase blood sugar to give the body fuel to either run off or fight, Corticotrophic hormones influence the pancreas to secrete glucagon this has the opposite effect as insulin.

When the stress is over the Parasympathetic Nervous reverses the process again it is the Hyptholamus that instigates this.

Obviously its much more complex than this and I have focused on a few key hormones as it the action of these hormones that affects our well-being, the ageing process and blood pressure.

The fight or flight response was not designed to last forever it was meant ti instigate an action to deal with an aggressor, be it a wild animal or in a fight with an attacker therein lies the problem modern stressors tends to be work, work colleagues etc. the stress becomes long acting, this kind of reaction is fine in the short term but very detrimental to the body in the long term.

Take Cortisone, it has a damaging effect on specialised cells within the dermis (the skin), fibroblasts, these cells produce collagen and elastin, it is collagen and elastin that gives our skin elasticity and support. Adrenalin reduces blood supply to the peripheral tissues, such as the skin and hair, therefore, these structures do not receive adequate nourishment from the blood. So the effect of long term stress affects the skin resulting in ageing of the skin

Stress and how it affects us

Stress The dictionary definition of stress is: a constraining or impelling force, effort or demand upon physical or mental energy. A stressor is a person or situation that makes you become stressed. We are more likely to suffer stress in society today than that of our ancestors. 70% of all illness to day is now directly attributed to stress. Modern society with all its pressures traffic congestion, over-crowding, noise, fears and general uncertainties about work, mortgages and family life present situation after situation where the state of stress is ever present. Stress is an everyday part of modern life, everyone experiences at sometime or another and everyday stresses are not necessarily harmful. A certain about of stress keeps us motivated and stimulated to make life more enjoyable and interesting. It is the effect of long-term stress that can be positively harmful to our bodies.

When do stress levels become harmful? 

The factors that seem to make any situation dangerously stressful are:

• Lack of predictability
• Lack of control
• Lack of outlets for frustration

For when these elements are present even simple situations can become stressful and produce a reaction that is completely out of proportion to the cause. It is not the situation but our reaction to it that creates the stress in our lives. The problem with us humans we have this tendency to dwell on the past and worry about the future and this takes our attention away from the present. Yet it is in the present moment that we have the greatest clarity to deal with any situation. We should enjoy our life in the present for in holding on to the past and holding back the future we create fear and ultimately stress. Growth in our lives is usually preceded by change the problem is handling change can be difficult in the short term and life-changing events such as:

• Bereavement
• Moving House
• Debt
• Ill Health
• Difficult Relationships
• Stressful Work
• Family Problems Have been identified as the most likely to cause negative or harmful stress.
Even positive events such as:
• Marriage
• Pregnancy
• A child starting school or University May cause you stress and can ultimately lead to illness.

Your personality and coping mechanisms will largely determine how you deal with these daily stresses and strains.

MPB (c)


Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced within the adrenal cortex in the adrenal glands, these are cone shaped organs sitting on top of the kidneys. It's a very important hormone and responsible for proper glucose metabolism, helping regulate blood pressure, has a part to play in insulin and blood sugar levels and is part of the inflammatory response. It's often known as the stress hormone but as you can see that's only part of its functions, and this is because it's secreted in higher levels as part of the 'Fight or Flight response'. When secreted in short bursts its beneficial to the body as due to it's actions, it helps mobilise energy reserves, heightens memory and lowers response to pain. This is how and why it's beneficial in the 'Fight and Flight response', it acts quickly and helps survival, however today's stresses are not the same as yesteryear and therein lies the problem.

When there is prolonged secretion of this hormone, when stress is on going, it causes blood sugar imbalances, affects bone density, causing it to decrease and also causes a decrease in muscle tissue. It raises blood pressure affects the body's immune system making us more susceptible to infection and leads to poor healing. It also causes shifts in body fat by increasing more fat around the abdominal areas and leads to higher levels of cholesterol.

The Hypothalamus & the Relationship to the Endocrine System in ‘Stress’

Below the flow chart illustrates how our minds' emotions and feelings trigger a reaction in the Hypothalamus to instigate what happens in the 'Fight or Flight' response. The Hypothalamus then in turn influences both the Autonomic Nervous System and the Endocrine system. This is fine short term it helps us cope in dangerous scenarios and was designed as a protective response, however the stresses of today are not those of yesteryear. No harm comes to our bodies in the short term, this is not the case in long term stress. All is not lost for there are ways we can influence the Hypothalamus to prevent the long term damaging effects of stress on our health. I shall be exploring this under Holistic Therapies.

Maggie Brown (Author)
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Wednesday 30 March 2011



PSYCHOMETRY is reading objects and picking up information from the person to whom it belonged or has touched. We all have an electromagnetic around us commonly known as the Aura and within this Aura psychics can pick up vibrations that give information about that person's past, present and future. Every time we touch an object we leave a trace of that information upon it. Obviously the longer the person has touched it the better as more information can be gleamed in this way. The object can be anything from jewellery to clothing it really does not matter. However the more exclusive the object to the person the psychic is trying to gleam information about the better, for if many people have touched it too, the information can become a bit confusing as their can be traces of others aura on it.

Many Mediums will begin readings by psychometry focusing on the person having the reading on the psychic vibration as it helps the Medium connect, once that connection has been made its often easier to then raise the vibration and obtain a spiritual link

Maggie Brown (Author)
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Monday 28 March 2011



It is the means of seeing something by paranormal means, be it ESP or as I like to see it by expanding the Auric field or extending some aspect of that Auric field. It's not a new phenomena many major scientists and researchers included Michael Faraday, Alfred Russel Wallace, Rufus Osgood Mason and William Crookes. Later in the 1930s J B Rhine took up the experiments but of course when it comes to psychical research it's often met with scepticism. It was developed so far into what is known as "The Stargate Project" in the article below.

Article below is courtesy of Wikipedia

From World War II until the 1970s the US government occasionally funded ESP research. When the US intelligence community learned that the USSR and China were conducting ESP research, it became receptive to the idea of having its own competing psi research program. (Schnabel 1997)

In 1972, Puthoff tested remote viewer Ingo Swann at SRI, and the experiment led to a visit from two employees of the CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology. The result was a $50,000 CIA-sponsored project. (Schnabel 1997, Puthoff 1996, Kress 1977/1999, Smith 2005) As research continued, the SRI team published papers in Nature, in Proceedings of the IEEE (Puthoff & Targ, 1976), and in the proceedings of a symposium on consciousness for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (Puthoff, et al, 1981).

The initial CIA-funded project was later renewed and expanded. A number of CIA officials, including John N. McMahon (then the head of the Office of Technical Service and later the Agency's deputy director), became strong supporters of the program. By the mid 1970s, facing the post-Watergate revelations of its "skeletons", and after internal criticism of the program, the CIA dropped sponsorship of the SRI research effort.

Sponsorship was picked up by the Air Force, led by analyst Dale E. Graff of the Foreign Technology Division. In 1979, the Army's Intelligence and Security Command, which had been providing some taskings to the SRI investigators, was ordered to develop its own program by the Army's chief intelligence officer, General Ed Thompson. CIA operations officers, working from McMahon's office and other offices, also continued to provide taskings to SRI's subjects. (Schnabel 1997, Smith 2005, Atwater 2001)

The program had three parts (Mumford, et al., 1995. First was the evaluation of psi research performed by the U.S.S.R. and China, which appears to have been better-funded and better-supported than the government research in the U.S. (Schnabel 1997)

In the second part of the program, called "Stargate project", SRI managed its own stable of "natural" psychics both for research purposes and to make them available for tasking by a variety of US intelligence agencies. The most famous results from these years were the description of a big crane at a Soviet nuclear research facility by Pat Price's (Kress 1977/1999, Targ 1996 and Joseph McMoneagle, a description of a new class of Soviet strategic submarine by a team of three viewers including McMoneagle,(Smith 2005, McMoneagle 2002) and Rosemary Smith's  location of a downed Soviet bomber in Africa (which former President Carter later referred to in speeches). By the early 1980s numerous offices throughout the intelligence community were providing taskings to SRI's psychics. (Schnabel 1997, Smith 2005) In 1984 viewer McMoneagle was awarded a legion of merit for determining "150 essential elements of information...producing crucial and vital intelligence unavailable from any other source".

The third branch of the program was a research project intended to find out if ESP – now called "remote viewing" – could be made accurate and reliable. The intelligence community offices that tasked the group seemed to believe that the phenomenon was real. But in the view of these taskers, a remote viewer could be "on" one day and "off" the next, a fact that made it hard for the technique to be officially accepted. Through SRI, individuals were studied for years in a search for physical (e.g., brain-wave) correlates that might reveal when they were "on- or off-target".

At SRI, Swann and Puthoff also developed a remote-viewing training program meant to enable any individual with a suitable background to produce useful data. As part of this project, a number of military officers and civilians were trained and formed a military remote viewing unit, based at Fort Meade, Maryland. (Schnabel 1997, Smith 2005, McMoneagle 2002)

Remote viewing is my forte and I use this a lot in my work professionally as a Medium. I discovered I had this ability by chance. I was attending summer school at Edinburgh College of Parapsychology and one of the class activities was remote viewing I had never tried this before and discovered I had an ability for this. Conducting experiments on other members of the class and without saying as I did not want them to know and thus influence the experiments in anyway, I remote viewed them in the evening making a note of what the inside of their home looked like and what they were doing at a given time, I could hear the television in the background and discovered I could see inside cupboards as to the contents. This was all verified by the members the next day. Further experiments followed and it made no difference as to where I was remote viewing, it did not matter if it was on the other side of the world. Of course some links were better than others and it worked best with having a voice or instant messenger link initially once I had established that initial link I just had to concentrate on that person and I could be there. I have no idea how I can do this and it feels somewhat strange as half of me is here in one place and half in the other, its a bit of a strange sensation. I continued my experiments and used other mediums and psychics and we conducted the remote viewing together, we didn't have to be in the same place to do this, we could use the phone or via chat online and this way we could compare notes to make sure we were in the same place, there were too many coincidences for the details of what we viewed for it not to be accurate.

How remote viewing works I cannot be certain perhaps its via Astral travel, we do this when we sleep naturally or perhaps it's expanding part of our Auric field like a tentacle, I like to think its this latter as it does feel to me I feel part of me is missing and I don't feel fully grounded when working this way and when I am finished working in this way I make sure I am fully grounded. What you the reader thinks of this is entirely up to you, I just know it does and have had details verified by those I am reading for and other mediums that have been party to my experiments.

Maggie Brown (Author)
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Thursday 24 March 2011

MEDITATION 1. (A guided meditation)


When you start to develop psychically it is essential to have good mind control, this is because and if you have read earlier articles by me, you may find yourself being harassed by lower entities and possibly souls who are trapped in the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane is where we go when we are asleep. When you start to open up psychically its akin to having a flashing beacon above your head and these lower entities will home in on you for they know you are inexperienced and will cause mischief. Remember nothing can possess you nor take over your body nor harm you in anyway however they can give you a fright. As you develop stronger you will need to develop mind control in order that you can open up at will psychically  and close down so you are not disturbed and one of the ways we do this is by Meditation and Visualisation.

Before beginning your meditation ask that your guides look after you and protect you.

The following is an example of a routine, you can do this in a group with other like minded souls or you can record yourself reading out the following accompanied by gentle soft music. You will need a comfortable chair one that is upright so that your feet also touch the floor. Your spine should be straight to allow Universal energy through the chakras and both feet need to be firmly on the floor.

" I want you to focus on your breathing take some slow deep breaths, and loosen your shoulders and have your hands loosely placed on your lap. Gently close your eyes. Now breath in slowly through your nose and out via the mouth but make your out breath slower than your in breath do this a few times. Anything that pops into to your head, any worries, don't ignore it but rather acknowledge them and put them to one side all the while focusing on your breathing, slowly in through the nose and ever slower out the mouth. With every breath you take you find your shoulders dropping and you become more and more relaxed. Should anything pop into your head again acknowledge it and come back to focussing on your breathing.

Now I want you to visualise there is a tiny white light just above the crown on your head, it does not matter if you cannot see this, just accept there is and know this is so. Visualise with every breath you take the light becomes brighter and brighter, its a pure bright sparkling light and gradually that light gets bigger and brighter. Now imagine your body is made of glass and from now on every breath you take you breathe in this pure white and sparkling light going all the way from the crown of your head to each toe. The light is pure and cleansing and you become more and more relaxed and at ease. All the while breathing in slowing and allowing the pure white and cleansing light  to fill up your body.

When your body is completely full of this pure white light visualise the light becomes brighter and slowly fills up the room in which you are sitting from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. You are full of bright white light, surrounded in pure white light and feel light and cushioned and wrapped up in white light, you feel relaxed and at ease. Knowing you are protected and loved by spirit. Remember to come back to your breathing should your mind start to wander.

When the room is entirely full of this pure white light imagine you are floating and cushioned and protected by the white light you begin to rise on the chair you are sitting being carried high and higher by this pure white light out through the roof of the building in which you were sitting. Higher and higher you go, protected loved and surrounded by the white light focussing on your breathing rising higher into the sky high above the white clouds you drift allowing the white light to carry you to the most wonderful place of peace and tranquility. You feel relaxed and loved carried by this wonderful light.

Gradually the white light gently takes you to what appears to be a door of the most opulent building, there is a gentle breeze, the door is open and you know it is safe to go inside. You feel totally at ease, it feels like you have come home, there is a certain familiarity about this place. You walk up the three steps slowly and you go inside, the ceiling is high and it is light and airy inside and on the floor are large silk cushions in beautiful colours, colours so bright and so beautiful that you have never seen the like before. You sit down on the cushions, you feel safe, you feel at home.

You then become aware you are not alone three people have come to greet you and are so pleased and joyful to see you at last, they speak softly to you listen to what they say………. I will leave you a few moments to share the knowledge that is given to you……………..

Then all too soon it is time to go, you are given love and a gift, hold on to this gift and treasure it. You now find you are alone the door is now open and as you go through the door and down the three steps, the white light surrounds you completely it is soft and comforting and you feel at peace, deeper and more relaxed than before. You find yourself supported and being carried gently as if flowing on a gentle breeze down through the clouds slowly descending, down through the roof of the building where you once were, still holding on to your gift and what knowledge was given to you.

Soon you find yourself sitting on your chair, your feet are firmly on the floor and the pure white light carries down through your feet as if to grow roots so that your feet are firmly rooted deep in the earth below. The light then starts to fade around you but leaving you at peace and keeping you safe but fading and receding until it is a tiny white light above the crown of your head and then disappears into the heavens.

You are now firmly sitting upon your chair back in the room feet firm on the floor take a slow deep breath open your eyes when your are ready and make sure you have a glass of water stretch and make sure you are grounded."

Thank your guides for this wonderful trip and for keeping you safe and protected and loved


Maggie Brown (Author)
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Wednesday 23 March 2011



Now this is a fun activity and what you need for this activity is a bunch of assorted flowers, they can be wild ones, ones from the garden, even weeds will do, it really doesn't matter. Do to a flower reading you have to let your mind go floppy and just go with the first thing that comes into your head. It's the very first words, thoughts ideas and it will come very fast, it you have to think about it, then its your own rational mind thinking about it and not your intuition.

So you have a vase of assorted flowers in a vase and in a group you can all take turns reading for each other. Everyone picks a flower at random and the person doing the flower reading takes the flower from the person who picked it and allows their intuition to pick up random thoughts, don't worry about what comes, just allow it to flow.

Below is some examples of the kind of things you may pick up allow the flower to give you ideas, you are using the flower as a mantic tool, a vehicle for the reading.

Now I'm not sure what this flower is but it doesn't matter, use what you have, the clues are very subtle but they are there and the Universe is very clever.

I feel this person can be quite shy, its not that they are secretive, there's nothing devious there purely because they lack confidence in what their abilities (I am using the flower that is half closed and has a deeper more detailed inner and the colour of white that denotes innocence as my key here) I feel that this person is very spiritual but they lack the confidence in their ability. I also feel this person is quite neat, tidy and organised (again I am using the detailed centre to give me the inspiration for this reading) I am also drawn the large amount of green leaves surrounding this flower and in fact the radiate around the flower like a halo. Green is often associated with healing and the caring professions so I feel this person cares for others and possibly in one of the caring professions like nursing or even teaching and the have a natural healing aura about them. (Again I am using what I have here to use in the reading) I am sure you will get the idea, don't be frightened to say what first comes to you.

You don't even have to use real flowers, you can use pictures of flowers whereby  each of the group takes a picture from an assorted pile of flower pictures. The Universe is very clever how it works. We all have this ability, this is merely a tool to help us link into our inherent psychic abilities.

Maggie Brown (Author)
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Ametrine is a rare and unusual stone which occurs in quartz when amethyst and citrine reside in the same crystal. Because the color zoning effect is natural, no two ametrines will ever be exactly alike. Ametrine being a combination of amethyst and citrine, two stones which are in many ways opposite in characteristics. Yet opposing does not mean incompatible, as we see when we look at the colors of these two stones. Amethyst's purple and citrine's yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel; yet are called complementary, meaning that they enhance each other, and are considered by artists to be excellent colors to use together.We can find this same kind of complementary relationship in the properties of citrine and amethyst. Citrine relates to the third chakra, which is associated with self-esteem and personal power. Citrine helps us to balance these energies so that self-esteem isn't inflated into egotism, nor personal power turned into domination of others.

Amethyst is one of the sixth-chakra stones. The sixth chakra relates to going within, to intuition, psychic development, and dreams. It is an energy center which is connected to the transition from ordinary consciousness to a deeper spiritual awareness, and amethyst is the principal stone used to assist in this transition. With this background, we can see that ametrine can be the ideal stone for someone who wants to:

    •    have self-confidence in the sense of valuing his/her uniqueness and particular purpose
    •    develop and use personal power for the greater good, and especially for spiritual reasons
    •    appreciate that we exist in a perpetual dance between physical and spiritual realities

Ametrine is very helpful in getting rid of depression. This leads to inner peace and tranquility. Many believe that it contains the powers of amethyst and citrine in one stone, making it a very powerful money stone as well as an excellent via to higher psychic awareness and spiritual enlightenment. Ametrine is among an elite group of gems, because as of now there is just one source of this treasure in the world.

Maggie Brown (Author)
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Lavender is from the same family as Rosemary and can be used in much the same way as Rosemary in cooking, often used in French and Moroccan dishes, it is relatively easy to grow and has a multitude of uses but here I want to talk about the use of Lavender as an essential oil.

Like all essential oils do not use in pregnancy or breastfeeding and in epilepsy and a known allergy

Lavender is the only essential oil that can be used neat on the skin (its extremely rare for anyone to have a reaction) and very useful to have in the first aid kit for MINOR burns where the skin is unbroken and the appropriate first aid routine as taken place first i.e. placing affected area into cold running water for 20 mins. It helps prevent scaring, its good to apply with a cotton bud on spots (unbroken skin) and insect bites and in fact applied onto pulse spots like the wrists, backs of knees and temples, neck etc. will help avoid being bitten in the first place. However for massage of large areas a 1% dilution for the head and face and 2% dilution for the body in a suitable carrier. If adding lavender to a bath either dilute in carrier oil and if you have no carrier it can be diluted in some milk and added to the bath.

It's one of the most popular of essential oils in Aromatherapy and has been used in healing in one form of another for centuries. Dried lavender bags have been used in time gone by to deter moths and insects in linen drawers as well as to fragrance them. It was used as an antiseptic back in Roman times who used it to cleanse their skin and wounds and the word comes for the Latin "Lavare" meaning to wash. Lavender was also very popular in Elizabethan times and English lavender was cultivated around Mitchum Surrey and now cultivated extensively in Norfolk.

It's properties were discovered or rather re-discovered by the French chemist Gattefosse quite by accident when he burned his hand and having no water to cool it he plunged it into a vat of lavender essential oil, he noticed how well the burn healed with no scaring and so heralded the birth of modern Aromatherapy.

It can lower blood pressure so can make the user feel a bit dull and drowsy so some caution is needed. It has a calming effect on the mind and can help insomnia however only in small doses if too much is used it will have the opposite effect. It's good for muscular aches and strains and beneficial for the respiratory system helping ease catarrh, laryngitis and colds (a couple of drops to some hot water for inhalations). It helps menstrual cramps massaged over the lower back and abdomen. Its good for headaches either a drop neat on the temples or better still added to some tepid water to make a compress to apply across the forehead

On a spiritual level Lavender helps stabilises the physical, etheric and astral bodies therefore induces a calm state of mind and helps dispel anger and soothes the spirit and helps dispel negativity.

There are so many ways to use this valuable essential oil both neat on the skin for spot treatments in dilution for massage and in the bath, as an inhalation, on pillows to help insomnia and in a burner and can be made into a room spray (a few drops of the essential oil added to some water add a drop of liquid detergent this acts as an emulsifier to disperse the essential oil throughout the water and can be placed in an atomiser

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Monday 21 March 2011


Before using any new product particularly on the skin its a good idea to patch test on a tiny area where you wish to apply it and leave it unwashed and alone for 48 hours, if there is no reaction then its safe to go ahead and use the product.
Aromatherapy oils MUST NOT BE USED UNDILUTED and for the face the dilution is 1%, this is because the face is close to the nose and therefore the limbic system.

For this recipe you will need a base creme and its best to obtain one from an aromatherapy supplier as they are designed to be used for blending. The active ingredients in this recipe are the essential oils themselves and not the base creme.

Essential oils
On the skin this oil helps regenerate helps smooth out wrinkles, it has a firming action, and helps balance sebum levels. The ancient Egyptians used this essential oil in mummification, therefore if it helped preservation it makes sense that it will help preserve the skin.

Helps promote new cells again has a balancing effect on the skin and speeds up healing, so its especially effective at dealing with break outs.

This essential oil is also a good skin oil, particularly for rough dry areas and soothing for inflammed areas.

You will also require the contents of a Vitamin E capsule or a few drops of wheatgerm oil (which is high in Vitamin E) this extends the shelf life of the creme but more importantly Vitamin E is a powerful anti free radical agent and helps sooth the skin.

This creme is best used at night however if used during the day you would require the addition of a sun protection factor as UVA light ages the skin (see earlier articles on the skin)

To make a 1% dilution the ratio is as follows 1drop of essential oil to 100 drops of carrier oil/creme

1% dilutions
  • 5 ml:1 drops
  • 10 ml:2 drops
  • 15 ml:3 drops
  • 20 ml:4 drops
  • 25 ml:5 drops
  • 30 ml:6 drops
Therefore if you use a 30 ml jar of base creme you will need 6 drops of essential oil in total so for this recipe add 2 drops each of Frankincense, Lavender and Patchouli, add the contents of the Vitamin E capsule and stir well with a clean spatula. The preparation should last for 3 months and should be kept in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

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For eons, folklore has blamed the Moon for everything from lunacy to bad luck. And, for the last few centuries, scientists have scoffed. Now, according to new research they're not so sure. The Moon may not be made of cheese, but it seems to influence a lot more down on Earth than we previously thought.
According to new research, the Moon affects not only the tides of the oceans but also people, producing a range of symptoms from flare-ups of gout to bladder problems. It may even lie behind the causes of car crashes and affect people's hormonal balances.

Having carried out new research and reviewed 50 other studies, scientists suggest that doctors and the police even need to prepare for how their work rate will increase at different points in the lunar cycle. Among the findings examined by the researchers were studies that showed GP consultations go up during a full moon, according to Leeds University. Appointments rise by 3.6 per cent, which works out at around three extra patients for each surgery. The researchers did not speculate on the nature of the moon-related problems or why they happened, but said that "it does not seem to be related to anxiety and depression".

Gout and asthma attacks peak during new and full moons, according to work carried out at the Slovak Institute of Preventive and Clinical Medicine in Bratislava, where attacks over a 22-year period were monitored.

Data from 140,000 births in New York City showed small but systematic variations in births over a period of 29.53 days - the length of the lunar cycle - with peak fertility in the last quarter. "The timing of the fertility peak in the third quarter suggests that the period of decreasing illumination immediately after the full moon may precipitate ovulation.''

A study in Florida of murders and aggravated assaults showed clusters of attacks around the full moon. A second study of three police areas found the incidence of crimes committed on full-moon days was much higher than on all other days. And a four-year study into car accidents found that the lowest number happened during the full-moon day, while the highest number was two days before the full moon. Accidents were more frequent during the waxing than the waning phase.

Another study of some 800 patients with urinary retention admitted to hospital over a period of three years found higher retention during the new moon compared with other phases of the cycle. Interestingly, patients didn't show any other daily, monthly or seasonal rhythms in their retention problems.

Even what we eat and drink is affected by the lunar cycle, according to a study at Georgia State University. Researchers looked at lunar variations in nutrient intakes and the meal patterns of 694 adults. They concluded: "A small but significant lunar rhythm of nutrient intake was observed with an 8 per cent increase in meal size and a 26 per cent decrease in alcohol intake at the time of the full moon relative to the new moon.''

While scientists have been trying to prove for some time that the Moon does exert an effect, what has not been established is why. Scientists have until now examined the theory that the Moon triggers changes through its gravitational pull. But the latest research points to an effect on people's hormones. "The lunar cycle has an impact on human reproduction, in particular fertility, menstruation and birth rate. Other events associated with human behaviour, such as traffic accidents, crimes, and suicides, appeared to be influenced by the lunar cycle,'' said Dr Michael Zimecki of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

"Although the exact mechanism of the Moon's influence on humans and animals awaits further exploration, knowledge of this kind of biorhythm may be helpful in police surveillance and medical practice,'' he said.

The researchers also found links between the lunar cycle and the likelihood of people being admitted to hospital with heart or bladder problems and with diarrhoea. The menstrual cycle, fertility, spontaneous abortions and thyroid disease were also affected. Just how the Moon could have an effect needs further research. Dr Zimecki suggests that it may be the effect of the Moon's gravity on immune systems, hormones and steroids.

He said: "At this stage of investigation, the exact mechanism of the lunar effect on the immune response is hard to explain. The prime candidates to exert regulatory function on the immune response are melatonin and steroids, whose levels are affected by the Moon cycle.

"It is suggested that melatonin and endogenous steroids [which are naturally occurring in humans] may mediate the described cyclic alterations of physiological processes. Electromagnetic radiation and/or the gravitational pull of the Moon may trigger the release of hormones.''

Whatever the root cause of the Moon's influence over us, its hold over the imagination will endure as long as the shining sphere of rock remains in the sky.

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Sunday 20 March 2011


Law of Cause & Effect: Every cause has an effect, every effect has a cause.  Reaping and sowing, law of attraction etc. It is impossible for a human to start a chain of causation. We merely choose our thoughts by freewill and the effects are returned through the principles of the governing laws. This is secondary to the law of vibration. You do reap what you sow. Your thoughts are mental seeds and through the other laws, particularly the law of vibration you bring in what is equal to the vibration sent off. The law doesn't care what you plant, it just returns what you send out as an effect. The only thing you have absolute control over is the cause, you cannot control the effect. So get your thinking and actions right and in harmony with the laws.

To put this simply its a bit like throwing a pebble into a pond, the pebble reaches the water and you see the ripples reverberate  due to this action. Your actions will affect others and that in turn will others still and its not limited to physical actions but to thoughts as well. All the Universal laws work together and if your action causes this ripple affect the law of attraction will return that action to the perpetuator magnified, just like the action of throwing a pebble created all those ripples, all those ripples will be returned to you. This is how Karma works

You cannot control your action or thought once it has left you, the only thing you can control is that first action or thought.

Remember these thoughts or actions are like seeds and they take time to grow and manifest but you can be sure when they have grown they will be returned and the result will have indeed been up to you. If you send out kindness and love you wont have anything to worry about but on the other hand if you give out hate, dislike and hurt then you can be sure at some point all of this will be returned to you magnified.


Untruths lies and deception will catch up with you in the end
It doesn't matter how many ways the truth you bend
For the Universe has natural orders in which to keep a balance
You may not think it matters such at first glance
For everything has cause and effect
For which a tally must be kept
The old saying is so very true "for you reap what you sow"
You may not believe and understand now but in time you will know
For one day the lies and deception that you gave
Will come to pay you back sooner or later or haunt you beyond the grave
And then you will know exactly how it feels to be deceived
So expect pay back one day to be received
And when it does I will pity you
And when it does it will be tenfold too


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Saturday 19 March 2011



Was something traditionally carried out by women, it was something practiced by my beloved grandmother herself a spiritualist Medium.

To do this you will need a wide cup and saucer and loose tea, tea bags are no use what so ever, or coarse ground coffee and do not strain the tea/coffee when pouring it into the cup.

Before even drinking the tea/coffee you can begin the reading, bubbles on the surface after pouring suggests money is on the way, if any tea leaves are floating on the surface, then visitors are imminent. The number of leaves shows how many days away they are, if two teaspoons are accidently placed on a saucer, then you can expect news of twins soon.

After you have drunk the tea/coffee as much as you can without drinking the leaves/grounds tip the cup upside down on to the saucer and turn round three times clockwise, then up turn and you are ready to begin the reading.

Look at the arrangement of the leaves look for patterns and images, are the scattered fewly suggesting a tidy ordered life or are there lots suggesting a rich and busy life.

Hold the cup so the handle faces the questioner and this represents the questioner and their home how far the leaves are away from the handle represents how far the symbols are away from the questioner. Leaves that lie to the rim of the cup represent recent events and leaves that lie close to the bottom of the cup represent the distant past and leaves on the bottom represent misfortune. Leaves that lie to the right of the handle indicate the future, and leaves to the left of the handle indicate the past. The further away the leaves lie from the handle, the further away the events are in either time or even physical distance.

Look inside the cup what are your first impressions. Any distinct drops of tea or coffee that remain in the cup despite the swirling and emptying of the cup, represent tears. A very large clump of tea leaves indicates trouble. Near the handle - trouble caused by your own making. Opposite the handle - the trouble is not your fault.Tea-stalks indicate people. Long stalks indicate men. Shorter stalks indicate women. Pale or dark stalks indicate colouring. Slanted stalks indicate untrustworthy people.


  • Abbey Freedom from worry.
  • Ace of Clubs A letter.
  • Ace of Diamonds A present.
  • Ace of Hearts Happiness.
  • Ace of Spades A large building.
  • Acorn Success At top of cup - Financial success. Middle of cup - Good health. Near bottom of cup - Improvement in health or finances.
  • Aircraft Sudden journey, not without risk. Possible diappointment. If broken indicates an accident.
  • Alligator Treachery, an accident.
  • Anchor Top of cup - success in business and romance. Middle of cup - prosperous voyage. Near bottom of cup - social success. Obsured - anticipate difficulties.
  • Angel Good news.
  • Ankle Instability.
  • Ant Success through perseverance.
  • Anvil Conscientious effort.
  • Apple Business achievement.
  • Arc Ill health, accidents.
  • Arch Journey abroad, a wedding.
  • Arrow Bad news.
  • Axe Difficulites and troubles that will be overcome. 

  • Baby A series of small worries.
  • Bag A trap ahead. If open - you can escape; if closed - you will be trapped.
  • Bagpipes Disappointment.
  • Ball A person connected with sport, or variable fortunes in your life.
  • Balloon Short-term troubles.
  • Barrel A party.
  • Basin Trouble at home. If broken - serious trouble.
  • Basket If empty - money worries. If full - a present. If near the handle of cup - a baby. If near the top of cup - possessions. If full of flowers - social success. Surrounded by dots - unexpected money coming your way.

  • Bat False friends, a journey ending in disappointment.
  • Bath Disappointment.
  • Bayonet A minor accident, a spiteful remark.
  • Beans Poverty.
  • Bear Facing handle of cup - irrational decisions cause difficulties. Facing away from handle of cup - a journey.
  • Bed Inertia.
  • Bee Social success, good news. Near handle of cup - friends gathering. Swarm of bees - success with an audience.
  • Beehive Prosperity.
  • Beetle Scandal, a difficult undertaking.
  • Bell Unexpected news. Near top of cup - promotion. Near bottom of cup - sad news. Two bells - joy. Several bells - a wedding.
  • Bellows Plans will meet with setbacks.
  • Bird Good news.
  • Birdcage Obstacles, quarrels.
  • Bird's nest Domestic harmoney, love.
  • Bishop Good luck coming.
  • Boat Visit from a friend, a safe refuge.
  • Book Open - expect legal actions, future success. Closed - delays, difficult studies.
  • Boomerang Treachery, envy.
  • Boot Achievement, protection from pain. Pointing away from handle of cup - dismissal. Broken - failure.
  • Bottle One bottle - pleasure. Several bottles - illness.
  • Bouquet Love and happiness.
  • Bow (Bow and Arrow) Scandal, gossip.
  • Box Open - romantic troubles solved. Closed - the lost will be found.
  • Bracelet Impending marriage.
  • Branch With leaves - a birth. Without leaves - a disappointment.
  • Bread Avoid waste.
  • Bridge An opportunity for success.
  • Broom small worries disappear, a false friend.
  • Buckle Disappointments ahead.
  • Bugle Hard work necessary.
  • Building A move.
  • Bull Quarrels, enmity.
  • Buoy Keep hoping.
  • Bush New friends, fresh opportunities.
  • Butterfly Frivolity, fickleness. Surrounded by dots - frittering away money.


  • Cab A disappointment.
  • Cabbage Jealousy causes complications at work.
  • Cage A proposal.
  • Camel Useful news.
  • Candle Help form others, pursuit of knowledge.
  • Cannon News of a soldier or a government employee.
  • Cap Trouble ahead - be careful.
  • Car Good fortune.
  • Cart Success in business.
  • Castle Financial gain through marriage, a strong character rising to prominence.
  • Cat A quarrel, treachery, a false friend.
  • Cattle Prosperity.
  • Chain An engagement or wedding.
  • Chair An unexpected guest. Surrounded by dots - financial improvements.
  • Cherries A happy love affair.
  • Chessmen Difficulties ahead.
  • Chimney Hidden risks.
  • Church Ceremony, unexpected money.
  • Cigar New friends.
  • Circle Success, a wedding. With a dot - a baby. With small lines nearby - efforts hampered.
  • Claw A hidden enemy.
  • Clock Avoid delay, think of the future, a recovery from illness.
  • Clouds Trouble ahead. Surrounded by dots - money trouble ahead.
  • Clover Prosperity.
  • Coat A parting, an end of a friendship.
  • Cockatoo Trouble among friends.
  • Coffeepot Slight illness.
  • Coffin Bad news.
  • Coin Repayment of debts.
  • Collar Dependence on others for success and happiness.
  • Column Promotion, success, arrogance.
  • Comb Deceit, a false friend.
  • Comet An unexpected visitor.
  • Compass Travel, a change of job.
  • Corkscrew Curiosity causing trouble.
  • Crab An enemy.
  • Crescent A journey.
  • Cross Sacrifice, trouble, ill health. Within a square - trouble averted. Two crosses - long life. Three crosses - great achievement.
  • Crown Honour, success, a wish coming true, a legacy.
  • Crutches Help from a friend.
  • Cup Reward for effort.
  • Curtain A secret.
  • Cymbal Insincere love.
  • Daffodil Great happiness.
  • Dagger Impetuousness, danger ahead, enemies.
  • Daisy Happiness in love.
  • Dancer Disappointment.
  • Deer A dispute or quarrel.
  • Desk Letter containing good news.
  • Devil Evil influences.
  • Dish Quarrel at home.
  • Dog Good friends. If running - good news, happy meetings. At bottom of cup - friend in trouble.
  • Donkey Be patient and optimstic.
  • Door Strange occurrence.
  • Dot This symbolises the importance of the nearest symbol. Several dots - money.
  • Dove Good fortune.
  • Dragon Unforesen changes, trouble.
  • Drum Scandal, gossip, a new job, arguments.
  • Duck Money coming in.
  • Dustpan Strange news about a friend.
  • Eagle A change for the better.
  • Ear Unexpected news.
  • Earrings Misunderstanding.
  • Easel Artistic success.
  • Egg Prosperity, success - the more eggs the better.
  • Eggcup Danger is passing.
  • Elephant Wisdom, strength, lasting success, a trustworthy friend.
  • Engine News on its way fast.
  • Envelope Good news.
  • Eye Overcoming difficulties, take care.
  • Face One face - a change, setback. Several faces - a party.
  • Fairy Joy and enchantment.
  • Fan Flirtation, indiscretion.
  • Feather Instability, inconsistency, lack of concentration.
  • Feet An important decision.
  • Fence Limitation to activities, minor setbacks, future success.
  • Fender Beware of a person you dislike.
  • Fern Disloyalty, an unfaithful lover.
  • Finger Emphasises the symbol to which it points.
  • Fir Artistic succes. The higher the tree, the better.
  • Fire Achievement, avoid hasty over-reactions.
  • Fireplace Matters related to your home.
  • Fish Good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness.
  • Fist An argument.
  • Flag Danger ahead.
  • Flower Wish coming true.
  • Fly Domestic irritations. The more flies, the more petty problems.
  • Font A birth.
  • Fork A false friend, flattery.
  • Forked Line Decisions to be made.
  • Fountain Future success and happiness.
  • Fox A deceitful friend.
  • Frog Success through a change of home or job, avoid self-importance.
  • Fruit Prosperity.
  • Gallows Social failure, enemies confounded.
  • Garden roller Difficulties ahead.
  • Garland Success, great honour.
  • Gate Opportunity, future happiness.
  • Geese Invitations, unexpected visitors.
  • Giraffe Think before you speak.
  • Glass Integrity.
  • Glove A challenge.
  • Goat Enemies threaten, news about a sailor.
  • Gondola Romance, travel.
  • Gramophone Pleasure.
  • Grapes Happiness.
  • Grasshopper News of a much travelled friend.
  • Greyhound Good fortune.
  • Guitar Happiness in love.
  • Gun Trouble, quarrels.
  • Hammer Overcoming obstacles, ruthlessness, work that is uncongenial.
  • Hand Friendship.
  • Handcuffs Trouble ahead.
  • Hare Timidity, news of a friend.
  • Harp Harmony in love.
  • Hat A new occupation, a change. Bent and broken - failure likely. In bottom of cup - a rival. At side of cup - diplomacy.
  • Hawk Sudden danger, jealousy.
  • Hayrick Think before you act.
  • Head New opportunities.
  • Heart Love and marriage, a trustworthy friend.
  • Heather Good fortune.
  • Hen Domestic bliss.
  • Hill Obstacles, setbacks.
  • Hoe Hard work leading to success.
  • Holly An importance occurrence in the winter.
  • Horn Abundance.
  • Horse Galloping - good news from a lover. Head only - romance.
  • Horseshoe Good luck.
  • Hourglass A decision that must be made.
  • House Security.
  • Iceberg Danger.
  • Initials Usually those of people known to you. If next to a triangle, the initials of strangers.
  • Inkpot A letter.
  • Insect Minor problems soon overcome.
  • Ivy leaf Reliable friend.
  • Jester Party or social gathering. Alternatively - avoid frivolity, be serious.
  • Jewellery A present.
  • Jockey Speculation.
  • Jug Gaining in importance, good health.
  • Kangaroo Domestic harmony.
  • Kettle Minor illness. Near handle of cup - domestic bliss. Near or at bottom of cup - domestic strife.
  • Key New opportunities, doors opening. Crossed keys - success. Two keys near bottom of cup - robbery.
  • Keyhole Beware of idle curiosity.
  • King A powerful ally.
  • Kite Wishes coming true, do not take chances, scandal.
  • Knife Broken relationships. Near handle of cup - divorce. On bottom of cup - lawsuits. Crossed knives - arguments.
  • Ladder Promotion.
  • Lamp Near handle of cup - money. Near rim of cup - celebration. On side of cup - personal loss. On bottom of cup - Postponed social event. Two lamps - two marriages.
  • Leaf Prosperity, good fortune.
  • Leopard News of a journey.
  • Letter News. Near dots - news about money.
  • Lighthouse Trouble threatening, but averted. Success through a friend.
  • Lines Straight and clear - progress, journeys. Wavy - uncertainty, disappointment. Slanting - business failure.
  • Lion Influential friends.
  • Lock Obstacles in your path.
  • Loop Impulsive actions could bring trouble.
  • Man Near handle of cup - a visitor. Clear and distinct - dark-haired visitor. Not well-defined - fair-haired visitor. With arm outstretched - bearing gifts.
  • Map Travel and change. The country it indicates could show a visit to that place, or represent someone from there.
  • Mask Deception.
  • Medal A reward.
  • Mermaid Temptation, an offer that is not what it seems.
  • Mitre Honours.
  • Monkey A flattering mischief-maker.
  • Monster Terror.
  • Monument Lasting happiness.
  • Moon Full - a love affair. First quarter - new projects. last quarter - fortune declining. Obscured - depression. Surrounded by dots - marriage for money.
  • Mountain Obstacle, high ambition.
  • Mouse Theft.
  • Mushroom Growth, setbacks. Near handle of cup - a home in the country.
  • Music Good fortune.
  • Nail Malice, injustice, sharp pain.
  • Necklace Complete - admirers. Broken - the end of a relationship.
  • Needle Admiration.
  • Net Traps for the unwary.
  • Numbers Indicate a timescale, the number of days before an event occurs.
  • Nun Quarantine.
  • Nurse Illness.
  • Nutcrackers Difficulty is passing.
  • Oak Good fortune.
  • Oar A small worry, help in difficulties.
  • Octopus Danger.
  • Opera glasses A quarrel, loss of a friend.
  • Ostrich Travel.
  • Owl Gossip, scandal, failure. At bottom of cup - financial failure. Near handle of cup - domestic failure.
  • Oyster Courtship, acquired riches.
  • Padlock Open - a surprise. Closed - a warning.
  • Palm tree Success, honour, happiness in love.
  • Parachute Escape from danger.
  • Parasol A new lover.
  • Parcel A surprise.
  • Parrot A scandal, a journey.
  • Peacock With tail spread - riches, land. Surrounded by dots - a life of luxury. Next to a ring - a rich marriage.
  • Pear Comfort, financial ease.
  • Pentagon Intellectual balance.
  • Pepperpot A troublesome secret.
  • Pig Material success brings emotional problems.
  • Pigeon Sitting - an improvement in trade. Flying - important news.
  • Pillar Supportive friends.
  • Pipe Thoughts, solution to a problem, keep an open mind.
  • Pistol Danger.
  • Pitchfork Quarrels.
  • Policeman Secret enemy.
  • Pot Service to society.
  • Profile New friend.
  • Pump Generosity.
  • Purse Profit. At bottom of cup - loss.
  • Pyramid Solid success.
  • Question mark Hesitancy, caution.
  • Rabbit Timidity, be brave.
  • Railway Long journey.
  • Rainbow Happiness, prosperity.
  • Rake Be organised.
  • Rat Treachery.
  • Raven Bad news.
  • Razor Quarrels, partings.
  • Reptiles Treacherous friend.
  • Rider Hasty news.
  • Ring Completion. Near top of cup - marriage. Near middle of cup - proposal. Near bottom of cup - long engagement. Complete ring - happy marriage. Broken ring or ring next to cross - broken engagement. Two rings - plans working out
  • Rocks Difficulties.
  • Rose Popularity.
  • Saucepan Anxieties.
  • Saw Interfering outsider.
  • Scales A lawsuit. Balanced scales - justice. Unbalanced scales - injustice.
  • Sceptre Power, authority.
  • Scissors Domestic arguments, separation.
  • Scythe Danger.
  • Shamrock Good luck, wish coming true.
  • Sheep Good fortune.
  • Shell Good news.
  • Ship Successful journey.
  • Shoe A change for the better.
  • Sickle Disappointment in love.
  • Signpost Draws attention to the symbol to which it points.
  • Skeleton Loss of money, ill health.
  • Snake hatred, an enemy.
  • Spade Hard work leads to success, or avoid taking side of cups.
  • Spider Determined and persistent, secretive, money coming.
  • Spoon Generosity.
  • Square A symbol of protection, comfort, peace.
  • Squirrel Prosperity after a hard time.
  • Star Good health, happiness. Five-pointed star - good fortune. Eight-pointed star - accidents, reverses. Seven stars together - grief.
  • Steeple Slight delay, bad luck.
  • Steps An improvement in life.
  • Sun Happiness, success, power.
  • Swallow Decisiveness, unexpected journeys.
  • Swan Smooth progress, contented life.
  • Sword Disappointment, quarrels.
  • Table Social gethering. Surrounded by dots - financial conference.
  • Teapot Committee meeting.
  • Telephone Forgetfulness causes trouble.
  • Telescope Adventure.
  • Tent Travel.
  • Thimble Domestic changes.
  • Toad Beware of flattery.
  • Torch A turn for the better.
  • Tortoise Criticism.
  • Tower Opportunity, disappointment.
  • Tree Changes for the better, ambitions fulfilled. Surrounded by dots - your fortune lies in the country.
  • Triangle Somehing unexpected. Point upward - brings success. Point downward - brings failure.
  • Trident Success at sea.
  • Trunk A long journey, fateful decisions.
  • Umbrella Annoyances, a need for shelter. If open - shelter found. If closed - shelter refused.
  • Unicorn A secret wedding.
  • Urn Wealth, happiness.
  • Vase A friend in need.
  • Vegetables Unhappiness followed by contentment.
  • Violin Egotism.
  • Volcano Emotions out of control.
  • Vulture Loss, theft, an enemy in authority.
  • Wagon A wedding.
  • Walking stick A visitor.
  • Wasp Trouble in love.
  • Waterfall Prosperity.
  • Weather vane A difficulty, indecisiveness.
  • Whale Business success.
  • Wheel Complete - good fortune, earned success. Broken - disappointment. Near rim of cup - unexpected money.
  • Wheelbarrow A meeting with an old friend.
  • Windmill Business success through hard work rather than brilliance.
  • Window Open - good luck through a friend. Closed - disappointment through a friend
  • Wings Messages.
  • Wishbone A wish granted.
  • Wolf Jealousy, selfishness.
  • Woman Pleasure.
  • Worms Scandal.
  • Wreath Happiness ahead.
  • Yacht Pleasure.
  • Yoke Being dominated.
  • Zebra Adventure overseas, an unsettled life.
  • Zeppelin Delays, perseverance necessary.

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I am often asked various questions pertaining to the spirit world and various aspects of the psychic, here are some of them: I will in time feature more questions and answers as this webpage evolves

Q. Is a psychic or medium a fortune teller?
A. It may surprise you to know psychics and mediums are not fortune tellers
Q. Is it possible to forecast the future?
A.Well not 100% and this is because of free will.
Q. What is free will?
A. Free will is YOUR right to decide what you want to do about a situation, it is a choice
Q. How does free will affect a situation?
A. Well before we incarnate as Spirit in a human body, we decide on what experiences and challenges that will benefit our spiritual growth. However we are given the choice (free will) as to whether we go through with the experience or challenge. In effect we are allowed to change or mind.
Q. So are you saying we all know what lies before us?
A. Well in a way we all do. Remember we are 'Spirit' in a human body and your spirit does retain a memory but it is deep in our subconscious. This memory is retained deeply for a reason to help us fulfill our experiences and challenges we ourselves chose. However it is also at this deep level so we are not so aware. If you knew what lay before you would you go through with it? Probably not but we still retain this memory deeply and this reflects in our Aura.
Q. So what is the Aura?
A.The aura is The Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds living bodies, this includes people, animals, plants and crystals and is composed of several layers that are constantly moving. The Aura links us to whats known as Universal energy i.e. that is all the knowledge in the Universe past, present and future. It is on this aura that psychics are able to tap into and access your past, whats going on in the present and the possible future and I say possible specifically if your goal or desire is dependent on other people, for remember every person involved in a situation has free will.