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The website of Author/Writer and Psychic Medium Astrid Brown. Making the most of 'YOU' i.e. how to achieve well-being and beauty from within ourselves. A truly holistic blog providing information on all aspects of psychic mediumship, spiritualism, philosophy, holistic therapies, nutrition, health, stress, mental health and beauty with a little bit of Wicca for good measure. Feeling and looking good is as much a part of how we feel inside as the outside.



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I am a great believer in Karma, but just what is it? Karma comes from the Sanskrit and ancient Indian Language with the underlying principal that every deed in our lives will affect our future life. For example, if we treat others badly during our lifetime we will have negative experiences later on in that lifetime or in future lifetimes. Likewise, if we treat others well we will be rewarded by positive experiences.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


 It is well known how Meditation is beneficial to us Holistic Practioners, below are some interesting developments I found on the 'Daily Mail' online.

From a health point of view Meditation, reduces blood pressure and thus heart disease, this will then reduce the negative effects this has on the body as a whole. It instils a feeling of well being and reduces the effects of stress on the body, High Blood Pressure for one and helps restore other negative effects such as an impared immune system.

On a Psychic level, meditation teaches mind control, something very necessary for those who wish to develop their psychic abilities as all work in the field of the psychic and mediumship is done by the use of our mind as it enables us to tap into our higherself our soul. Meditation relaxes and frees up our mind so we can clear it to disassociate it, in order to enable us to work with our spirit. For to enable us to control our psychic abilities to be able to switch it on and off at will, we need to have good mind control. Meditation is therefore a must.

Meditation really is good for the brain as study reveals it switches off areas linked to ADHD and Alzheimer’s

  • Meditation decreased activity in area in the brain implicated in a range of neurological disorders
  • Yale University scientists suggest it could even slow down the onset of dementia

Meditation could help temper the symptoms of ADHD and Alzheimer's scientists say. A groundbreaking study has revealed that the ancient relaxation technique can switch off areas of the brain associated with a range of psychiatric disorders. It is now hoped that the findings will shed light on how neurological diseases work and prompt the development of effective treatment.

Meditation could help temper the symptoms of ADHD and Alzhemeimer's according to scientists from Yale University  Past research has shown meditation, which has become increasingly popular over recent years, has helped people quit smoking, cope with cancer, and even prevent psoriasis.
But scientists at Yale University now believe it can help people to stay focused and boost happiness, slowing down the onset of dementia. Lead researcher Judson Brewer said: 'Meditation's ability to help people stay in the moment has been part of philosophical and contemplative practices for thousands of years. 'Conversely, the hallmarks of many forms of mental illness is a preoccupation with one's own thoughts, a condition meditation seems to affect.

Brain scans revealed that meditators had decreased activity in an area of the brain implicated in a range of neurological disorders 'This gives us some nice cues as to the neural mechanisms of how it might be working clinically.' During the study, detailed in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, both experienced and novice meditators were monitored as they practiced three different meditation techniques. Brain scans revealed that experienced meditators had decreased activity in area called the default mode network. This region of the brain has been implicated in lapses of attention and disorders such as anxiety, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, and even the build-up of beta amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease. Reduced activity was shown regardless of the type meditation and also during rest, suggesting that experienced meditators are less susceptible diseases such as autism, schizophrenia.

In a similar vein the University of Wisconsin is planning a study early next year to investigate the neurological effects of meditation and yoga with veterans. It is thought mindfulness meditation holds promise for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which provokes intrusive thoughts, emotional numbness and hypervigilance. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), which combines meditation with orthodox 'thought training', is already recommended for depression in Britain and is available on the NHS. A report published by a mental health charity last year argued that if more GPs could offer the therapy it would cut the financial burden of depression, which costs the UK £7.5 billion a year.

Maggie Brown (Author)
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I am often asked various questions pertaining to the spirit world and various aspects of the psychic, here are some of them: I will in time feature more questions and answers as this webpage evolves

Q. Is a psychic or medium a fortune teller?
A. It may surprise you to know psychics and mediums are not fortune tellers
Q. Is it possible to forecast the future?
A.Well not 100% and this is because of free will.
Q. What is free will?
A. Free will is YOUR right to decide what you want to do about a situation, it is a choice
Q. How does free will affect a situation?
A. Well before we incarnate as Spirit in a human body, we decide on what experiences and challenges that will benefit our spiritual growth. However we are given the choice (free will) as to whether we go through with the experience or challenge. In effect we are allowed to change or mind.
Q. So are you saying we all know what lies before us?
A. Well in a way we all do. Remember we are 'Spirit' in a human body and your spirit does retain a memory but it is deep in our subconscious. This memory is retained deeply for a reason to help us fulfill our experiences and challenges we ourselves chose. However it is also at this deep level so we are not so aware. If you knew what lay before you would you go through with it? Probably not but we still retain this memory deeply and this reflects in our Aura.
Q. So what is the Aura?
A.The aura is The Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds living bodies, this includes people, animals, plants and crystals and is composed of several layers that are constantly moving. The Aura links us to whats known as Universal energy i.e. that is all the knowledge in the Universe past, present and future. It is on this aura that psychics are able to tap into and access your past, whats going on in the present and the possible future and I say possible specifically if your goal or desire is dependent on other people, for remember every person involved in a situation has free will.


Astrid Brown (Author)
Find all the books, read about the author, and more